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5 Essential Steps For a Youthful Face (According to Experts)

5 Essential Steps For a Youthful Face (According to Experts)

The passage of time cannot stop, but we can prevent it from leaving its mark on our faces. Hand in hand with the online para pharmacy Welnia and the recommendations of its pharmacists, we have prepared a practical guide with cosmetics and anti-aging gestures to show off eternal youth.

At the age of 20, the last thing we think about is wrinkles. Our skin radiates youth and our efforts are more focused on controlling acne. Are we making a mistake? "The sooner we start to take care of our skin, the shorter the path we have to travel to keep it cared for and young," says Lucía López-Cotelo Sancerni, a pharmacist, specialist in Dermo cosmetics.

“To be more specific, it is recommended to start a little before the age of 25, which is the time when collagen production by our cells begins to decline. This translates into a loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin, along with the appearance of the first wrinkles and expression lines ”, he points out.

We cannot stop the passage of time, at least for now, what we can prevent is the imprint it leaves on our face. The first step is not to abuse the sun and to be faithful to a high-spectrum sunscreen, in the words of an expert, "the best preventive treatment to avoid premature aging of the skin and the appearance of spots".

Once a certain age barrier has been overcome - those 25 years that the pharmacist talks about - our skin needs specific care to help it perform its functions. In this sense, anti-aging cosmetics is the secret of (almost) eternal youth. A boat all signs of skin aging, but especially the first signs of skin damage: wrinkles, sagging, loss of luminosity, spots, or lines. In collaboration with the drugstore online Welnia, we have developed a Decalogue proof of laziness care products and essential that we consider boasting of youth, no pact with the devil.

A mild cleanser, suitable for our skin:

"To have a young face, a complete treatment routine adapted to our skin type, whether mixed, oily or dry, should not be missing in our toiletry bag", explains López-Cotelo. Nor is the best moisturizer of any use if the skin is not prepared in advance. Facial cleansing, in the morning and at night, is the basis of a well-groomed face: it removes the impurities that accumulate on the skin, and only then will the products be truly effective.

The options have multiplied over the years: liquid soaps, cleansing milks, mousse, micellar ... There is something for all tastes, what should we take into account when choosing it? “A cleanser has to be as less aggressive as possible with the skin”, resolves the expert in Dermo cosmetics.  

“Most cleansers are based on removing impurities and excess oil from the skin. A very aggressive cleanser, apart from removing accumulated dirt on the face, would also remove the natural protective barrier of the skin, whose nature is greasy, and can damage the epidermis, causing redness, itching and flaking. For this reason, in addition to containing cleaning agents, they should also contain a small moisturizing part that helps to replace part of the lipids removed during cleaning ”, he explains.

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