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Sam Toor - The Story From Short Films to Making Feature Film

Sam Toor - The Story From Short Films to Making Feature Film

Many people in India, including actors, music composers, and filmmakers, have the desire of making it big in Bollywood. Young people from different parts of India go to Mumbai with the hopes of turning their ambitions into a reality. New talent has always been acknowledged in Bollywood; as a result, we have seen numerous actors and filmmakers begin their careers at extremely young ages and go on to produce films that are commercially successful. 

The modern generation of talent has more knowledge about the technology, is trained from better institutes and is exposed to global media like no other generation ever has been before. Sam Toor a budding Bollywood director, editor and the screenwriter, is no exception to the great Bollywood dream. Here’s more about the Chandigarh-based filmmaker and what he’s been up to.

Sam Toor on the roadway to making it big?

Sam Toor is a name that will soon be heard in the film industry in India. He has worked in the disciplines of directing, cinematography, and screenplay. The young man from Chandigarh who made his first appearance as a director with the short movie Highway-Loop, which was well received by the community of independent filmmakers, received praise for his work.

He has already done a full feature film in a regional language named PB-0931 and it will be releasing in theatres this 2022.

But he has already planned big by breaking in the Hindi movie industry with his first Bollywood feature film.

Does Sam even have what it takes?

Over the course of his career, he has amassed a significant amount of expertise supervising the production of motion pictures, beginning with conception of themes and writing/directing his short film scripts and continuing all the way through to the delivery of the final product on the silver screen with PB-0931. The whole of the process of producing a whole film from nothing is now more of an obsession for him than employment, which is typical for a young filmmaker at this stage in their career. Sam is well-versed in all of the procedures that are required to make his ideas into a practical reality. He is aptly talented in every capacity beyond the camera lens, including the roles that are required for post-production.

Sam Toor - The Story From Short Films to Making Feature Film

Notable works and Filmography

Sam Toor is the director of the upcoming Punjabi feature film, which will be titled PB-0931 and will grace the silver screen in 2022. He was an integral part in the process of filmmaking throughout its whole journey, beginning with the pre-production phases and continuing through the post-production segments. Furthermore, he provided his editor/cinematographer with the several original suggestions that was used to assist in achieving the objectives of the crew that was filming and editing PB-0931

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