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Alex Kautz Leads in The Music Industry As A Diverse Artist

Alex Kautz Leads in The Music Industry As A Diverse Artist

Alex Kautz is an example to follow. An exciting sound, and a rising artist from Fort Worth, Texas, who is currently based in Mansfield, Texas, is shaking the music business as an independent, creative, and industrious talent, shaking the audience in the music industry. As a bright young artist entering into the Fort Worth music business, Alex Kautz describes his journey from his origins to today, where he consistently markets his music on each channel with the goal of making a difference while generating content. “I’ve always been an artist with a clear vision of what I want. As a musician, I’ve learned the path can never be expected… you just have to figure it out and make your own. I withdrew from high school at 17 to write songs and work at the RaceTrac gas station to save money for demos. Now I’m 27 and still doing the damn thing!”

Kautz went on to say that in order to stay connected with people in the city, he edits and records his own footage for use in the production. His enthusiasm only serves to motivate him to put in more constant efforts in the music industry, “I’ve always been inspired by people with musical journeys that mirror their life versus like. Someone who releases one album or a couple singles every once in a while. I appreciate consistent quality and want to keep the momentum going as long as I can.”

Alex Kautz is a rising star in the music business, with his tracks accessible on a variety of streaming services and other platforms. Despite the fact that his efforts have resulted in success, he had to overcome several difficulties. “At any given time, I’ve got 100 song ideas on my phone - like a diary that I write and modify throughout the day. Besides that, I just launched Haus of Kautz fashion - so I’ve been designing pants, shoes, shirts, and a bunch of other merch I am very excited to release on my website!  AlexKautzMusic.com/apparel.”

How do you handle feedback?

I’m usually the first one to criticize myself, so constructive criticism is just water off a ducks back. I don’t take it to heart, but I am always open to feedback - good or bad.

Are there any musical ways you wish to avoid?

No, I want to experiment with as many genre’s and styles as I possibly can. I would love to make a jazz album… and a country one!

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Quality over quantity. Make sure you’re happy with your content, because once it’s out there you can’t take it back.

How has life changed for you recently?

After the release of my sophomore album, “We’re All Gonna Die”, I moved back to Dallas from Nashville. I’ve been gigging and writing new music… back in my home state!

Who would you like to see yourself with on the cover of a magazine?

I think me and Cher could break the internet with the blues and our turquoise wigs.

How do you keep yourself so fit?

I am going to be completely honest, I don’t work out. I just try to stay active and stretch my body sometimes. I burn a lot of calories at my shows and don’t eat a lot. I think being tall helps (I’m 6’4), and I’m taking care of a few dogs right now. I think walking down those flights of stairs helps.

Tell us about your first experience when you walked on a stage

I was 13 at Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue in Arlington, TX (now called Arlington Music Hall). I was singing a Tim McGraw song called “Something Like That” and it changed my life

As a result of the virus outbreak, some artists had tremendous obstacles in 2021, and various measures implemented at the local and federal levels banned a large number of events involving large crowds, like as concerts and festivals, from taking place. The number of possibilities for artists to demonstrate their abilities was limited as a result. Currently, Alex Kautz is concentrating on continuing to pursue his music in order to strengthen his foundation even further than it already has been. #Focuseddd continues to tell the stories of people like Alex Kautz, an artist, who have a cause for doing what they do, and to promote their work.

"Confidence is the best kept beauty secret. Besides that, I always loved watching my mom put her makeup on in the mornings when I was a kid. When she would leave, I’d sneak in and play with her mascara, she still hides it from me. As an adult I worked for a beauty & hair company and would watch the makeup artists style the models. I learned a lot from that. And YouTube!"

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