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Atara Smith - A Multi Talented Woman

Atara Smith - A Multi Talented Woman

Women we are enamored with come from different backgrounds, and work in different fields, but are full of life, passion, and aspiration for greater things. Atara Smith is truly talented and hard-working, which is why more and more people are mesmerized by her work.

Atara Smith is an author and an actress. She wrote the best-selling novel "Beating All Odds". Inspired by the events from her life, Atara set on to write a book that would reach people all over the world who are going through similar things. In "Beating All Odds" Atara goes over how God can grace you as a child, teenager, or young adult through various traumatizing circumstances, but where you will rise as a victor. Furthermore, her goal is to inspire her readers to believe in the grace of God. In the book, Atara covers her rise to a prosperous life and how God has helped her on this inspiring journey of self-discovery. She wishes to share her findings with her readers and transparently writes about her life.

Atara Smith - A Multi Talented Woman

What motivated Atara to write this novel was her wish was to move people. The book was written to aid you in the process of healing. What's more, it will inspire you to share your own story with the world. Atara Smith is also dedicated to philanthropic ventures in churches throughout Georgia, Florida. She also, mentors young and abused women, helping them find themselves and their way in life.

After the success of her first book, Atara decided to write her second book. She is also about to embark on a national speaking tour that is catered towards African American women in business, education, and spirituality. On this tour, Atara's goal is to empower these women and help them to heal, believe, and move on to great things.

Atara Smith - A Multi Talented Woman

Atara is also about to be featured on numerous TV shows. Her novel "Beating All Odds" is being presented to various networks including Netflix, Starz, Fox NBC, and ABC for a mini-series. Atara will also express her creativity through acting. She is set to appear in upcoming television series and films.

Atara's strong will to empower and help women has helped her find her passion. Her goal is to touch and help as many women as she can. She aims to do this using her insightful books, acting skills, and encouraging speaking tours.

You can reach Atara Smith via the following social platform:

Instagram: Username - nunusmith

Facebook: Facebook ID - Nunu Smith

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