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Will Smith - The Complete Biography of this Famous American Actor

Will Smith - The Complete Biography of this Famous American Actor

Will Smith is a very popular and famous actor and he is mostly known for his Jinni role in Aladdin's movie. So, his full name is Willard Carroll Smith. He is professionally a very good actor, rapper, and film producer. He has produced many films in his life and these films have proved to be very hit. This famous and powerful actor was born on September 25, 1968, in the United States. Will Smith is also known by the stage name The Fresh Prince. This great actor is a film producer as well as a great actor, rapper, and comedian.

Will Smith is an admirable actor. People all over the world admire him because he is a hardworking and honest person. He acted in many films in his life and became very successful. For this achievement, he was awarded various awards, including four Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe Award, and four Academy Awards. By 2021, his films have grossed over $9.3 billion at the global box office. This great and famous actor has many American and international box office records. Smith first worked with a great and famous producer and director DJ Jazzy Jeff as part of a hip-hop duo. Along with this, he released 5 studio albums including US number-one single, Getting jiggy with it, Will wild west, and many more.

This great and famous actor has acted in many action movies and has earned a good name. The following are the names of his most famous action-packed movies such as Bad boy (1995), Bad boy for life (2020), And another comedy film Science-Fiction comedy man. He worked in these movies and they proved to be a big hit in cinemas. In addition to these, Smith also starred in another range of commercially successful films. His all-time famous movie is Aladdin, which is officially released in the whole world. This movie is dubbed in many languages of the world and earned good fame and money all over the world.

Smith’s Early life

So let us now know about the early life of this great and famous actor, so his early life is very normal like other people before coming into the movie world. This famous American actor was born on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. His mother Caroline Bright was a school board employee and his father Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. owned a refrigeration company. She has one older sister, Pam Smith, and two younger siblings, Harry and Ellen. Smith received her education at the strict Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School when her parents separated from her when she was 13 years old. He did not continue his studies because he did not want to continue reading. Because he loved rape music. Smith says he was admitted to pre-engineering at MIT for high school students but did not attend. Smith started raping music at the age of 12 and at that young age he sang many rape songs and made a name for himself.

Movies and T.V Shows

When he stepped into the film world then he worked in great films and worked hard. Due to his hard work, he gained a lot of fame in films. He started his film career with Where the Day Taken You, where he appeared as a disabled homeless man. The following year, he played the role of Captain Steven Hiller in the American science fiction film The Independence Day.

The film proved to be a huge hit, grossing over $ 817 million at the box office worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing film of 1966. Due to this great success, he acted in many films one after the other and made a name for himself. Along with this, he acted in another great film. In 2008, he played a superhero role in Hancock's movie. The film became the sixth consecutive film to gross more than 100 million at the North American box office. And the film grossed over 624 million worldwide. He has acted in many such films in his life and earned good money and that’s the reason by which he is known as a great actor in the whole world.

Smith Music Career

At a young age, DJ Jazzy and Smith both started making music and they made such great music that left other NWA music groups behind. The West's biggest Gangster rapper left them all behind. He won the hearts of many Americans by singing the rape song in his magical voice at a young age. Many people became fans of Smith's magical voice. He has a sarcastic and sweet voice. The American people have been greatly affected.

Both DJ Jazzy and Smith's debut album Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble was a huge success for both of them. Their album, Rock The House, was a huge hit on the billboard. This awesome album created an explosive sensation and made Smith a millionaire. And after that, he released many of his albums one after the other and those albums proved to be very popular and earned a good name. So, Smith gained a lot of fame at a young age. It was initially reported that Smith had received a scholarship from MIT College, but he turned it down because he had no interest in going to college. He did not join college but entered the world of rap music. Because he loved to be a singer and an actor. He fulfilled his passion and today he is considered to be a great and powerful actor.

In 1998, DJ Jazzy and Smith continued their success with their album Greatest Hits and after this album, they started making many more albums like Parents just don't understand, Brand new funk, and nightmare on my street. He worked on many albums and earned a good reputation. This album proved to be very popular and hit. Due to this, he was awarded his first Grammy award.

Personal Life of Will Smith

In this paragraph, we will shed light on the personal lives of famous American actor Will Smith. Smith married twice in his life. His first marriage was to Sheree Zampino in 1992. The marriage lasted only 3 years. His first wife gave birth to a son named Trey Smith. Smith this marriage will not last long and later the two got divorced for some reason and he left his first wife. Smith then remarried to actress Jada Pinkett.

The two met when Jada auditioned for the role of Smith's girlfriend in Smith's film The first Prince of Bel-Air. From Smith's second marriage a son was born, whose name was Jaden Smith. Smith was politically liberal and donated to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Smith loves chess and video games. Every year Smith takes his mother to different places for vacation.

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