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Q&A with an American Entrepreneur, Tony Smmith

Q&A with an American Entrepreneur, Tony Smmith

What’s your ethnicity?

Haha, I get asked that question a lot, so I am black & Puerto Rican.

What high school did you go to?

I went to Carson High.

Do you watch TV?

Sometimes, I usually browse through Netflix and other networks to see what good stuff they have to watch.

You are a prolific figure but who’s your inspiration behind your success and why?

Eazy-E for sure, he had a special touch for greatness I studied and looked up to.

Your clothing line Expand Company was a genius idea to come up with?

It’s a way of life, it symbolizes growth, you gotta expand in order to elevate.

Football team?

The Raiders for life.

Who’s your favorite female musician?

Tess Parks her style and delivery is amazing, she’s definitely a talented gift in today’s genre of music.

Health is wealth?

Big facts take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, get those workouts in and surround yourself around positive people.

Any plans for the summer?

Yeah, lots of filming, tour and whatever else decides to organically flow in motion.

Before we wrap this up I wanna thank you for your time, our team plans on getting another interview with you in the near future. Let’s do it & no worries it’s all love thank you for having me.

For more, you can reach Tony Smmith via the following Platforms:

Website (Clothing Store): https://www.expandco.store/

Instagram: @tonysmmith

Twitter: @expand_company


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