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Mi Love - A True Well-Rounded Artist

Mi Love - A True Well-Rounded Artist

Mi Love (Milleniumladylove) is an amazing artist, who belongs to the fashion and music industry. She is a full time artist, who always remains busy in her creativity.

This summer, Mi has added another album to her portfolio, titled "That's Mi". This album is produced by DJ Iccy, who mostly likes to call Mi as "African Diddy". She has also hosted a podcast titled ‘Make Me Laugh’, which is available on Amazon music.

Mi Love - A True Well-Rounded Artist

Mi had a dream to make her living as an artist from the early days of her life. She has had to work hard for many years to reach this point in her career. After the release of her album 'Thank You' in 2020, She felt as a really successful music artist.

That's Mi (An Upcoming Music Album)

This summer 2022, Mi is working on a new album 'That's Mi' with a new energy, which will be released in the coming days and will be available on the internet for all listeners.

Mi Love is mostly active on her Instagram account, so you can reach Mi via the following social media account.



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