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SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ Technology - Plasma Pen

SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ Technology - Plasma Pen

SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ is a unique non-invasive fibroblast plasma skin tightening cosmetic plasma pen technology that utilizes the hot Tesla coil sparks to burn and char the top layer of dead skin.

Characteristics of SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️

1. Non-Invasive:

It is scientifically proved that SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ technology is completely safe and has no side effects after its treatment. So, this technology is harmless and risk-free.

2. Plasma Pen:

Skin EX PlasmaGas Wand uses a plasma pen device that discharges a tiny gaseous arc of ionized plasma gas to small areas of the skin. The plasma tip doesn't directly touch the skin, but instead releases a targeted micro-current just above the skin.

3. Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening:

The Fibroblast Plasma carbonised the skin, causing the immediate surrounding area of skin to shrink. In this way, the loose skin instantly tightens. This technique causes the skin fibers to pull closer together resulting in a tightening and lifting effect.

Working of SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ Technology

This PlasmaGas Technology is a non-invasive unique cosmetic fibroblast plasma skin tightening technology that utilizes plasma pen that is hot (140 degrees Fahrenheit) Tesla coil sparks to burn and char the top layer of dead skin (stratum corneum).

Thousands of tiny perforations, holes, or divots gently pull and tug on each other during healing. This surface tension or compressive force creates the cosmetic appearance of an elastic nylon stocking: slimmer, narrower, smoother, wrinkle free facial surface, and a sleeker silhouette.

SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ Technology Renew Your Look

SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ Treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that can ReNew your skin, face, & body effectively with minimal downtime. So according to their Tagline(We ReNew You!), this technology definitely helps you in grooming your whole look.

These cosmetic effects can last up to three years as reported by thousands of satisfied patients. The procedure has shown to be safe for over 6 years now. Periodic touch-up procedures are usually required. These can begin starting as soon as 6 weeks after treatment, as needed.

SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️ is a 5-Star rating technology. Their all client's ratings and reviews show the quality of the service they provide.

Current Locations of SKIN EX PlasmaGas Wand™️

This Technology is currently available in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Pasadena, Torrance, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Yorba Linda, and many more to come.

You can reach this outstanding  technology through their official website and avail their special discounts:


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