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An Exclusive Interview With Upcoming Artist, VWLYNNN

An Exclusive Interview With Upcoming Artist, VWLYNNN


Adria also known as ‘VWLYNNN’ stays motivated in the music industry, and because of her work, she has received major recognition in Dallas, Texas. Staying consistent with her music, her eyes are set on the top, and she is not giving up. Working on her projects day in and day out, she speaks more on her future releases. 

“At the moment working on another song to put out and making some small changes in the hobbies worked, to start working on puzzles to decompress. I have my first performance as an Artist on the roster that I'm super excited about in Downtown Carrollton on August 20, 2022. Super excited to have my name and face on a flier. New music coming out and videos on my Youtube channel as well." Known as personable, a hustler, and fashionable, VWLYNNN is completely adamant about making music and is motivated by her loved ones. VWLYNNN, a successful artist, is not one to give up. Her goal is to keep moving ahead and to create something meaningful with her music. Family and faith inspire her to keep going and VWLYNNN has tunnel vision. 

 “Do what makes you happy, don't worry about what, who, how. Just know that if you really put your mind into whatever goals you have for yourself to do it. There will be a lot of " Naysayers" and little support but continue to keep going. Go to therapy and talk to someone if you feel alone and need someone to talk to that's not going to judge you but only give you great advice to keep going & not give up.” Considerate, adventurous and resourceful, VWLYNNN is a creative and stays motivating in her endeavors.

Where are you from?

Born in Dallas, TX raised in New Iberia, Louisiana and moved back to Dallas around 1997.

What is inspiring you right now consistently to work on your endeavors?

Self love and peace of mind to just growing as a person really inspiring me to keep going and knocking out a few things off my bucket list that i have for myself like getting braces.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

Not a lot of support from others that have supported in the past. Kinda felt like I was brushing off but I kept my head up and kept going. Not knowing how to perform in front of an audience getting better with it each time is better than the last one before.

VWLYNNN views herself as an ambitious artist who has become more of an inspiration and a go-getter to others because of her work ethic and determination. She never gave up and describes a nonstop passion for her music. “Going to therapy really helped a lot with my attachment styles and how I view the world. I have to remember not everyone wants to see me happy, smiling and achieving my goals. Some days are harder than others but I definitely have changed my mindset when it comes to people and putting myself first.” VWLYNNN as some would call her, keeps a positive attitude toward reaching her goal.

VWLYNNN went on to remark that her passion for music will always be a driving force in her life, the people around her influencing her a lot. “My grandmother I love her soooo very much. That is my heart. She knows me from the top of my head to the bottom of the soul on my feet. She can tell when i'm happy, sad, crying just any emotions she can just hear it. Her words to me are so amazing. I know she only wants the best for me and to be happy with life. I love you Granny. ” 

Several artists had significant challenges in 2021 because of the breakout of COVID-19. A variety of legislation enacted at the municipal, state, and federal levels banned a huge number of large-scale events, such as concerts and festivals, from occurring. Because of this choice, the number of opportunities for artists to exhibit their talents has been dramatically reduced. However, VWLYNNN places a strong focus on her music and always stayed steadfast in her journey. Currently, VWLYNNN’s attention is focused on continuing to pursue her musical career in order to build on her already solid foundation and take it even farther than it has already gone. To be successful VWLYNNN has her eyes set on the prize and understands that staying consistent is key

#Focuseddd continues to promote the stories of individuals like Adria also known as ‘VWLYNNN’ the artist, who have a reason for doing what they do in an inspiring way.

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