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DO U BOO - The High Quality Clothing Line Collection by The KMARIE Project

DO U BOO - The High Quality Clothing Line Collection by The KMARIE Project

The KMARIE Project

The KMarie Project Inc. is the designer and marketer of non-gender statements and caters to consumers aged between 12 and 45. The KMarie Project line showcases the individuality of a young teenager who understands that there is beauty and personality in all, no matter, gender, size or color and neither should not be defined by media and societies imagery. Therefore, the trademark slogan of this brand is “DO U BOO”.

Mikayla, the CEO of The KMARIE Project

In 2019, at the age of 17, former student of LaGuardia High School “Mikayla Yasmine McClain” created The KMarie Project expressive fashion line to show the individuality of a young teenager whom understands that there is beauty and personality in all.

DO U BOO - The High Quality Clothing Line Collection by The KMARIE Project

Struggle and Story of the Brand

Mikayla herself, has been faced with the age-old teenage dilemma of unwanted weight gain, acne and self-appreciation. Even with great family support system, reassurance and love, stating she is one of the most beautiful girls in the world, which she is; Mikayla understood that even though that helps, it is how she felt about herself on the inside that counted. The first mantra that helped jump-start her line was the statement that you need to “BE YOUR OWN BEAUTIFUL”. This is Mikayla’s personal self-statement that she decided to share with the world, that helped her realize that not only is she beautiful but so is everyone else in his or her own right. She realized that beauty is not based on how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside.

Her second statement line and is her most powerful, and most successful is, “DO YOU BOO”. This statement is meant to show that self-worth comes from within. She considers this her therapeutic quote, which shows power and position. Creating this line with her own money from her allowances, creating and selling her own custom wigs, also her many singing engagements along with her summer camp salary showed her initial ownership and true entrepreneurship. With her own funding she was able to create and execute this idea as a way to forge her message to her teenage counterparts “I AM, THEREFORE WE ARE”.

DO U BOO - The High Quality Clothing Line Collection by The KMARIE Project

Development and Success of the Brand

She later developed the structuring and direction to help the vision see the light of day. Mikayla was introduced to Tiffany Ellzy Marketing Manager at Sean John who helped fine tune her ideas into the reality it is today. Ms. Ellzy consultancy experience with brands like Sean John, Kenneth Cole, Akademiks, Converse, Starbury Footwear, Home Depot, Bacardi, Belvedere, HBO Vitamin Water and more, was able to assist KMarie in areas that she was not sure of such as, Professional Marketing, Digital Marketer, Events & Project Management.

The uniqueness and details in the line is what sets her apart, everything from the embossed glow in the dark mantra of the "DO U BOO" lettering with her signature fox emblem that illuminates over the multi flavors Australian Super Cotton hooded t-shirts and sweatshirts making them practically able to be worn in any climate or setting of the world, to the custom expression patch denim jacket line, the hand painted destressed shorts accented with Swarovski Crystal center buttons and so much more. Check out the more of the line at www.thekmarieproject.com.

DO U BOO - The High Quality Clothing Line Collection by The KMARIE Project

The Locations in which Collection is Sold

Presently The KMARIE PROJECT is being sold in two (2) primary locations: DaSpot in Brooklyn NY and The Designers Market in the American Dream Mall in Rutherford NJ. The KMARIE project is proposed to be housed in additional physical location and is soon to be featured on up and coming TV shows and drama series and to meet the demand will be going online in the short future. In 2022, The KMARIE Project will be launching their new and exclusive line “The DO U BOO Limited Edition”… BLACK/WHITE.

Under this direction and starting slowly, KMarie has been acknowledge by CBS Anchor Lisa Mateo and placed KMARIE in the elite club of being noted at 20 under 20 most successful young entrepreneurs. We can sit back and just watch this young lady soar.

For More Information:

Website: www.TheKMarieProject.Com

Email:     welovekmarie@TheKmarieProject.Com

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