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EYE IN EYE - A Unique and High Quality Clothing Brand With a Lot of Creativity

EYE IN EYE - A Unique and High Quality Clothing Brand With a Lot of Creativity

An up and coming clothing brand “Eye in Eye” is really making noise in Okinawa Japan. The owner Sekoya Kinsey is hosting his own events and fashion shows and doing it in a foreign country. This is pretty awesome if you ask me. This is not your average basement screen print clothing brand. His brand is quality it is embroidered down to the tag in the back, he is taking fashion the way it should be! Everyone knows music and fashion work hand in hand specially hip hop music, at his event Sekoya not only had a crow full of people but also had several music artists perform. Major respect to Darnel, Redd is an Ember, Momo, Korri, Jontea the Kid, Kenton Jones, and Yg slim.

Not only does Sekoya do clothing, he also does photography, videography all while holding a nine to five job. Sekoya I have a question for you, ARE YOU TIRED YET! You are a very busy man. I’m highly impressed with Sekoya‘s dedication and commitment to create high-quality clothing and can not wait for Eye in Eye’s next release. Mind you I know nothing about creating fashion, although advice I would give Sekoya is do not give up you have a gift.

I recently checked your website and noticed you had several hand painted one of one item. This is the type of fashion you just do not see anymore, it’s apparent it is not about the fast dollar for him instead delivering quality to his customers. To me, it seems that this man was made to create. Fashion aside casually scrolling through Instagram the way Sekoya carries himself is very inspiring because he is so humble. With all of that being said support your local business, support black business.

‘Eye In Eye’ A Clothing Brand

EYE iN EYE Clothing is a conscious embodiment of love, creativity, quality, and authenticity.

The mission at EYE iN EYE is to provide premium apparel to the unique individuals that seek to challenge the status quo in all facets of life and expression; to continually break barriers that will inspire others to seek the deeper truths of themselves and empower them to manifest their realities.

“All the world is an ocean. We are all individual drops of the divine fulfilling our purpose”.

For More Information:

Website:    www.eieclothing.com 

Instagram: @eieclothing

Twitter:       @eie2020

Facebook:  EYE iN EYE Clothing

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