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Hasina Knox - An Orphan Becomes a Children’s Author and Book Designer

Hasina Knox - An Orphan Becomes a Children’s Author and Book Designer


Hasina Knox, a Canadian children’s book author, announces her long awaited autobiography called, “An Orphan's Story: Longing to Belong”. This book is an emotional and heartbreaking life story about an orphan who came from an international country and seeks to find what she's been searching for all her life - to truly belong. Inside her autobiography readers will wonder if a name truly matters in this world, if a person can make a name for themselves, where does a person truly belong, and what really happened to this motherless child.

How did she become an orphan, how did she get to Canada and how was she able to make a life for herself? Readers will be able to relate to the same situations, feelings, and emotions one goes through when traumatized and hurt, especially when one becomes abandoned. Hasina is still in the writing stages and will announce on her Instagram account once it has been published.


As a children’s author, she has published the 3 children’s books within the past year. Her books are a “fun and adventurous way for children to learn to read while exploring their world.” They are great educational books for geography or social studies classes in school and for leisure time at home.

Her first children’s book is called “A Journey of Flavours” (a journey to the 7 continents and the 7 largest countries around the world which also includes 17 flavourful recipes while learning the days of the week).

Her second children’s book is called “A Sightseeing Adventure” (an adventure in the Toronto, Canada which includes seeing different birds in the city while learning to tell time). Her third children’s book is called “A Discovery of Smells” (a discovery of luxury hotels and smelly foods from 12 different countries while learning the months of the year).

When reviewing one of her children’s book, different people said, “This is the delightful children's book with a sweet and simple story of four children going on a journey of visiting the seven continents in the seven days of the week, all the while learning about famous dishes from the places they go to. As the title suggests, it is really a journey of flavours because the book is full of colourful real pictures of food items from all seven continents. Parents will definitely love this book as it's an effective, bright, colourful and entertaining way to introduce their children to valuable information and have fun spending time with them reading on this adventure”.

Another reviewer said: “A Journey of Flavours” is a very captivating and interesting book for my children. It introduces us to the delicious cuisines of the world and learns about the clothing of different cultures. A Journey of Flavours is a well-written and beautifully presented book with a recipe cookbook at the back. These activities boost my children’s self-confidence and focus” - said one of the parent readers.

Hasina Knox - An Orphan Becomes a Children’s Author and Book Designer


As a book designer, she has recently jumped into the designing and book publishing world. She has created many books that help children and adults to stay organized and mentally active. People can organize their life more easily with her newly published notebooks and planners for their daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

Each planner has a nature photo on its cover that comes from her personal iPhone photography collection taken with her iPhone 11 Pro. Also available are children’s sketch books, blood pressure log books, the blood sugar tracker, password and contacts list, prayer journals, diabetics journal, walk journal, gym journal, graph papers, recipe lists, family meal planning, chores list, drinks list and so much more!

Hasina’s books sell on the Amazon in E-Book and print form. Find all her books on Amazon.


Hasina was born in Bangladesh but was orphaned as a baby and raised in an orphanage. She was later adopted and came to Canada when she was 3 years old. Ever since she read the “Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales” book she had a love of writing. She started off with writing short stories when she was only 8 years old, then found an interest in writing poetry when she became a teenager and then became interested in writing children’s books as an adult. She had two of her poems published in a literary book when she was a teenager and received an Honorary Mention certificate.

Her children’s books are based on her family’s life experiences as her inspiration. Her new book “A Discovery of Smells” is the perfect parent’s book to assist children ages 3-10 years old to learn about different foods and their smells along with different luxury places in the world with activities at the end of the story that helps them to remember what they had learned.

For more information about Hasina Knox children’s books, Please Visit Here:

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