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Interview With Rebekka Ling

Interview With Rebekka Ling


Rebekka Ling stays motivated in the music industry, and because of her work, she has received major recognition. Staying consistent with her music, her eyes are set on the top, and she is not giving up. Rebekka Ling performing, the recording artist, vocalist, songwriter, and composer. Working on her projects day in and day out, she speaks more on her future releases. 

“After my debut album ‘Travel Light’, several single and collaboration songs I’m working on a new EP and another beautiful independent film project with a director/author from the UK. Acting as well as my music will be used as a soundtrack, which I’m very excited about". Known as personable and fashionable, Rebekka Ling is completely adamant about making music and is motivated by her loved ones. 

Rebekka Ling , a successful artist, is not one to give up. Her goal is to keep moving ahead and to create something meaningful with her music. Family and faith inspire her to keep going and Rebekka Ling has tunnel vision. “From my nature I’m very open and positive, willing to help out, people can take advantage of your good will. To trust people, build trustworthy connections is what I had to learn the hard way. Keeping your business circle small, being picky and saying no isn’t a bad thing. Know your worth. For me personally now, God put the right connections on my path now I’m in the right position. Make contracts.” Rebekka Ling is creative and stays motivating in her endeavors.

Where are you from?

I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Give Three qualities that describe you:

I am a singer that composes and writes her own material who plays several instruments and accompanies herself on keys. My gifts and talents are given by the Most High, that alone keeps me humble yet confident in my creativity. I owe it to the Creator and aiming to inspire and uplift others.

What is inspiring you right now consistently to work on your endeavors?

Being by myself, in nature, looking at the beauty and painful things in daily life. Whether it’s my own experiences or inspiring stories I’ve heard from people, film, books, art. I can’t listen to music all day, but rather be inspired by other art forms so I keep learning and stay open to new things or for instance classic films.

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are now?

Before I used to fight hard and hustle just on my own (although working with great people), chasing goals which would sometimes stress me out in a bad way or leave me frustrated to prove myself. Now I see myself aligned with God’s purpose which is always the higher way yet less traveled and not easier but never alone. The outcome I believe leads to a higher purpose and in it there’s peace. 

Everyone goes through struggles in life, there was a time when I was in a very low place of depression just really stuck. All I could do was pray and be vulnerable and real with God, like no escape. He pulled me through and the healing, purifying process took time and pain, but you have to fight for it and not give up, I definitely made a fresh start and thankful for it.

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

Follow me on my socials, Spotify to find out!

Rebekka Ling views herself as an ambitious artist who has become more of an inspiration and a go-getter to others because of her work ethic and determination. She never gave up and describes a nonstop passion for her music. “The piece of advice I want others to take back is to always choose the higher path no matter how hard, ‘leave your burdens and travel light’. You have gifts to share and it affects the world around you, you choose in what way. All good things take time, don’t put money first. Stay thankful and celebrate life.” Rebekka Ling, as some would call her, keeps a positive attitude toward reaching her goal.

Rebekka Ling went on to remark that her passion for music will always be a driving force in her life, the people around her influencing her a lot. “The producer/bass player of most of my previous music releases is Glenn Gaddum jr. I’ve known him for over half of my life. As a professional as well as a close friend who I trust and cherish, also people/musician or artist friends or partners who are/were close to me during different seasons. I love inspiring, philosophical convo’s combined with fun so I will always connect with the weirdos who mostly move alone like me. God Jehovah Jireh, even when I was far from Him”.

Several artists had significant challenges in 2021 because of the breakout of COVID-19. A variety of legislation enacted at the municipal, state, and federal levels banned a huge number of large-scale events, such as concerts and festivals, from occurring. Because of this choice, the number of opportunities for artists to exhibit their talents has been dramatically reduced. However, artist Rebekka Ling places a strong focus on her music and always stayed steadfast in her journey. Currently, Rebekka Ling’s attention is focused on continuing to pursue her musical career in order to build on her already solid foundation and take it even farther than it has already gone. To be successful Rebekka Ling has her eyes set on the prize and understands that staying consistent is key

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