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Jenny Melia - A Multi Brand Owner and Jewelry Designer Launched her New Jewelry line ‘Leilani Shells’

Jenny Melia - A Multi Brand Owner and Jewelry Designer Launched her New Jewelry line ‘Leilani Shells’

Jenny Melia Story

Jenny Melia is the CEO and Designer of Leilani Shells (An ocean Jewelry Brand). She spent her entire childhood in balance with nature at Hawaiian Islands abundant of sea treasures. She remembers days when she swam with tropical fish and picked shells from the coast, getting attached to the magical world beneath the ocean waves. From corals to shark teeth washed ashore, the Hawaiian beaches were a paradise where humans and nature coexisted in harmony. Unfortunately, this ideally did not last.

At the age of seven Jenny’s family moved away from Hawaii only to return to the islands when she had turned twelve. Going home was a dream come true. Jenny had been looking forward to putting her snorkel back on and head to the beach where she could pick up shells from the silky sands of the ocean floor. Yet, the reality of Hawaii had changed drastically. There was no more colour on the reef, no sea creatures swimming peacefully. Human-induced issues had reached the shore. Pollution was prevailing. Plastic was floating in the water. The reef was dying.

Devastated over her hurting homeland, Jenny knew she had to provoke change. Yet, one kid couldn’t do much alone. She had to inspire others and find a way to influence coral restoration. It was from that urge to save the ocean that Leilani Shells was born allowing women all over the globe to take part in marine preservation.

Jenny and her partners Josy and Fiona are the women behind this magical jewellery brand that encourages other women to ‘wear the ocean’. Their ultimate goal is empowering women, nature’s tranquility and save the ocean. You can also watch her complete story from her brand “Leilani Shells” official website.

According to Jenny Melia ‘‘Her favourite place on Hawaii is the Big Island. Everyone should definitely visit the glowing lava that comes from Vulcano and feel how powerful earth is. This makes you feel small & realize how much more important our environment is’’.

Jenny Melia - A Multi Brand Owner and Jewelry Designer Launched her New Jewelry line ‘Leilani Shells’

Leilani Shells, An Ocean Jewelry Brand

Leilani Shells Jewellery was founded in 1997. The basic goal to start the business is to preserve the dying corals in the ocean. First, they create all their pieces ethically and choose to work with local families only. They teach them all the skills on how to create high-quality fine jewellery, give them long-term opportunities to grow into their family, and making sure their kids can get the best education. In this way, these local families work with them in the jewellery production.

Leilani Shells’ mission is to create high-quality, empowering jewellery for women as well as raising awareness for the health of their oceans. They are on a mission to reconnect women with nature by asking them to 'Wear The Ocean'. Each unique piece of paradise empowers its owner to embrace their inner goddess, bridging the space between the fast-paced, hectic temperament of modern life with the tranquility of nature.

Jenny Melia - A Multi Brand Owner and Jewelry Designer Launched her New Jewelry line ‘Leilani Shells’

Leilani Shells makes women feel beautiful on the inside and radiate beauty on the outside. That's what you love most about the concept and why self-love plays such an important role. Also, all the items of this brand are very rare and contain high quality. Here is the some unique jewelry collections found in Leilani Shells, you should definitely have to checkout.

They plant a coral with every Leilani Shells purchase. That's very positive and good thing about their business. According to them, the protection and cleanliness of the ocean is very necessary for the living species inside the ocean as well as human beings. There are many simple things you can do to protect the ocean. First, stop using single used plastics and make sure that get a reusable water bottle & use reusable shopping bags. And secondly, support the organizations that work to protect the ocean, this is the way you can help to protect the ocean. Also give financial support to that organizations. Moreover, go and educate yourself. All life on this planet is connected to the ocean. Lastly, the more you will learn about this issue the more you will want to help, and you will be playing an important role in restoring earth’s balance.

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Jenny Melia - A Multi Brand Owner and Jewelry Designer Launched her New Jewelry line ‘Leilani Shells’

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Social Media Platforms

Jenny Melia (Personal)

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Leilani Shells (Jewelry Brand)

Website:    www.leilanishells.com

Instagram: @leilanishells

Creators Training (Online Training Platform)

Website:       www.creatorstraining.com

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