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Stella Hall - An Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur and a Playwright

Stella Hall - An Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur and a Playwright

Stella Hall is award-winning author, Playwright, entrepreneur, and advocate of Cleveland, Ohio. She is a graduate of Communication and Media Studies Graduate from the Cleveland State University, along with a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from Tiffin University.

Stella is the author of seven novels. Best know for her novel “Swing Lowe Sweet Charoite” that circulated in seven film festivals. Produce by HWIC Filmworks, you can now watch this movie on Amazon Prime and TUBI. Her best works Includes her novels, Swing Lowe Sweet Charoite which has been adapted to a feature film directed by David C. Snyder (HWICFILMWORKS), and premiered worldwide in 2013. Her other literary works includes The Bridge Of No Return which was adapted into a stage play, Trio and Joe. Stella is the founder and CEO of Blacpanther Publications.

This native Clevelander, born and raise, writes about her city and gives back by working with the locals. Always with a pen in her hand, she working on a new novel while she’s waiting on releasing the other novels.

Stella - As an Author

Stella's first published novel was “The Bridge If No Return” which became a stage play in Atlanta Ga, and Cleveland Ohio which received great recognition from Billboard's major cities.

Her recently published brand new novel is "Friends and Strangers". This latest novel "Friends and Strangers" received widely praised comments and reviews from all the readers and has also received an endorsement from the legendary, GRAMMY Award-winner Chaka Kahn, one of the world's most gifted and celebrated musicians, with a rich musical legacy. Her Best selling novel include “Swing Lowe Sweet Charoite” and is available on Amazon Prime.

Stella Hall - An Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur and a Playwright
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Stella - As a Writer

According to her as a writer, it is important to do research so that you can get familiar with the intricate details of the scholarly business. An author has to be mindful of the book sales, promoting, publicizing, and event planning, just to give some examples of business viewpoints engaged in the writing of a book.

Future Projects

Recently, she launched a home goods line (Heavenly Mugs) and also currently venturing out into writing screenplays/Film & TV scripts. Stay tuned for all this!

For More Information:

Website:    www.stellahall.com

Linkedin:    Stella Hall

Facebook:  Heavenly Mugs

Twitter:      @HeavenlyMugs

Instagram: @heavenly_mugs

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