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Designer Cyrus Nazari Expresses His Point Of View Through His Women Clothing Line

Designer Cyrus Nazari Expresses His Point Of View Through His Women Clothing Line

Cyrus Nazari is a fashionista who discovered his passion for fashion through his parents. He wanted to share his perspective for women by helping them embrace their confidence, sex appeal, and freedom through his designs. The Cyrus Nazari collection was created to match the bold and stylish lifestyle of the quintessential LA woman by night.

From an early age, Cyrus came to appreciate his newfound love for the fashion industry due to his parents, whom he gives credit. Cyrus went on to further his education in fashion by attending Esmod Fashion School in Paris, graduating with a double degree in Fashion Design and Pattern making.

Cyrus felt compelled to start his fashion brand to be able to express his point of view, especially as an artist. Cyrus developed his craft through working in several notable Ateliers in Europe. His experience in these specialized couture design houses laid the foundation for his inspiration to offer his clients this same level of atelier experience. He later opened his development and production business in Los Angeles called Fil and Needle.

Designer Cyrus Nazari Expresses His Point Of View Through His Women Clothing Line

Cyrus's mission statement for himself is what separates him from other fashion designers, which states: Create clothing that makes women feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident. Make things that leave a mark and an impression. One way, he embodies this statement is by the manufacturing 100% of my goods within the USA to avoid the transport process and promote job creation at home. It’s the small things that make up the bigger picture in the end.

Throughout Cyrus' fashion career, the biggest hurdle he faced personally and professionally was going to France without his parents at age 12, so he grew up in a foreign country without them and immigrated to the US after that. A new place and a new life are very challenging at any age, but it was very rewarding to overcome that. Professionally, he believed persevering through the Covid-19 pandemic and carrying an entire workforce through that was tough. But then again, it was a testament to how resilient we as human beings can be and what we are capable of when times get tough.

One of Cyrus's most significant milestones in his fashion career thus far is owning his Fil & Needle Atelier, and working closely with numerous significant labels on their development and production is the quite special. It becomes a personal obligation for him to see my clients succeed.

Designer Cyrus Nazari Expresses His Point Of View Through His Women Clothing Line

One advice he has for aspiring designers is to “Learn very early that you are unique and different, and that’s what should show in your work. At the same time, no one ever got anywhere without hard work and the skill set to put a vision into reality. Work on your craft every day. Trends will change, the quality of your work should never.”

Nazari has been in the business for over 30 years. He explains how “My wife, Tammy, and my son, Wolf, are a huge part of that. They drive me to go after everything every minute of the day.”

For more information on Cyrus and his latest designs, be sure to Check-Out:

Cyrus Nazari collection: www.cyrusnazari.com

Fil and Needle: www.filandneedle.com

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