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Interview With Artist, Da’Mont

Interview With Artist, Da’Mont


Darian Hadley, also known as ‘Da’Mont’ or ‘DH’, is a musical artist from Fort Worth, Texas. His projects are notable and as an artist, he is diverse in the industry with his sounds and is on the path toward success. His dedication and skills to his craft has remained consistent and unique since the beggining. Da’Mont has focused on never stopping working and always having content to strive for. He has lots of upcoming projects to look out for. 

“Right now I’m currently working on an EP with producer and engineer Brandon Saiz in the association with Lowtown Studios, I’m also working on some singles with another Producer Casso. Along with music I also make videos so I’m currently working on an animated podcast that would feature myself and my good friend from Germany Meike, some music videos, and local projects with another videographer, Myles Mays.” With the right intentions ahead, the unique artist is hardworking with his work, and has qualities of being charismatic, an introvert, determined, and driven. Da’Mont stays positive and has great intentions with his work.

Da’Mont remains honest on his journey and remains heavily influenced by motivating factors. He knows where his passion starts from and speaks more on his inspirations that keep him consistent. “Being resilient and confident in my decisions have helped me overcome my struggles daily. Everything is trial and error and the only constant is change so being adaptable is key. What inspires me is knowing that I can always elevate and grow with each project. I feel that art as a whole is a way to express yourself, so what I put out is an extension of me and hopefully It resonates with others who run across it.” Da’Mont stays consistent and has been seen at lots of shows doing what he loves.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you had to overcome to get where you are at?

Finding balance is an obstacle I’d say I’m still overcoming. I think one of the hardest things about being an artist is that we have all these other variables that come into play that we must consider too; finding time to actively create can be a hassle.

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

I have a podcast series coming out and a possible EP for the Fall.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

The most influential person in my life was my grandfather. He was more like my father if anything, just watching how he handled life and the wisdom he instilled in me is something I never take for granted.

Da’Mont has his sights set on the right goals and sees only growth for the upcoming future. “I want people to know that they’re able to do whatever they set their minds on. What we want is ours, it's just how we go about things. If you choose to only acknowledge what’s good or bad then you’re already losing before it begins. It’s important to acknowledge both because you can’t have one without the other.” 

Now, with his listeners, he is motivated by the thought of making a difference not just in this world but when he hits the stage to perform and in the studio working hard no matter where he is. His upcoming projects are only expanding. His self motivation is an inspiration for others, and he stays steadfastly on his journey.

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