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Interview with Creative Artist, Digital

Interview with Creative Artist, Digital


Vince Evans, also known as ‘Digital’ is a creative artist from Fort Worth, Texas. He stays relevant in the music scene, and he is diverse with his sounds and is on the path toward success. His dedication and skills to his craft has remained consistent and unique since the beggining. Digital has focused on never stopping working and always having content to strive for. He has lots of upcoming projects to look out for. 

“I’m striving to make my art more than just rap and hip hop. I believe to be an artist in the music industry, you must diversify yourself if you truly seek to be known and separate yourself from rest of the pack.” With the right intentions ahead, the unique artist is hardworking with his work, and has qualities of being different, ambitious, and driven. Digital stays positive and has great intentions with his work.

Digital remains honest on his journey and remains heavily influenced by motivating factors. He knows where his passion starts from and speaks more on his inspirations that keep him consistent. “I have an EP coming out at the beginning of next month and I really want people to get excited for it! This is my first EP entitled VISAGE: Who am I REALLY? and I really just hope to show the contrast between my way of thinking when I’m in a light side of mind, and a dark side of mind.” Digital stays consistent and has been seen at lots of shows doing what he loves.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and I've been trying to make it out of a city called Everman my whole life.

What is inspiring you right now consistently to work on your endeavors?

I’ve consistently been told that I’m not doing things the way I should and that I’m making my life harder. I’m PERFECTLY FINE WITH THAT! In this life, the easy route is usually the way that gets you nowhere. I like a challenge and I don’t like things coming to me easy. I’ve faced adversity after adversity and had to deal with people being fake and telling me I wasn’t going to do anything so now I take that and let it fuel me. I want nothing more than to prove those people wrong and to create a path for not only myself, but the select few people that have seen hell and jumped in headfirst to face their demons, I want them to have a place to thrive as well!

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are now?

I’ve gone through hell and seen more demons than I like to count but when I’m at my lowest, I either reach out to the select few in my inner circle or I get lost in musical melodies and I pick up my pin and pad and start writing.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

I don’t actually own a business yet but you know, I hope to in the future.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

I would have to say people that inspired me to be better than I am now would be J Cole and Xxxtentacion. I know most people go with like the family and friends answer which I definitely have had some influences from them but I got to say these artist inspired my style so much and the way I kind of shape my music. Oh I also can’t forget Tyler the Creator! His take on life and the way he has crafted his music from earlier albums and other things he has done just legit have had a crazy impact on my life!

Digital has his sights set on the right goals and sees only growth for the upcoming future. “I want people to know that no matter how low you get in life, always know there’s a way out and that there’s always someone in your corner! I have attempted suicide multiple times and I only told maybe on hand four people that. I want people to see me and know, you can do anything in this life as long as you keep going forward and even when life is trying to beat you down, keep punching life in the mouth.” 

Now, with his listeners, he is motivated by the thought of making a difference not just in this world but when he hits the stage to perform and in the studio working hard no matter where he is. His upcoming projects are only expanding. His self motivation is an inspiration for others, and he stays steadfastly on his journey.

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