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Meet the woman behind Goddess Activations™ Modality, Radhaa Nilia

Meet the woman behind Goddess Activations™ Modality, Radhaa Nilia

Best Selling Author, Publisher and the Goddess Expert, Radhaa Nilia has recently released Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations. The book is based on her original modality, Goddess Activation™. Radhaa has a passion for the healing arts and is trained in over a dozen modalities. She is the Creatrix of Goddess Activations™, her original modality which she teaches at Goddess Code Academy: A Mystical School for the Divine Feminine. www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com.

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Meet the woman behind Goddess Activations™ Modality, Radhaa Nilia

Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™ all started with her modality to Goddess Activations™. Radhaa invited women who've experienced Activations to share their stories and experiences. There are seventeen Goddess Archetypes in the book where each contributing writer triumphantly succeeds in sharing deeply moving and alchemical stories with the Goddess. Radhaa admired these women's depths in the sharing raw revelations, many relatable experiences, and the hard-earned lessons that were enriching for readers. An eye-opener book for anyone interested in learning more about Goddess Archetypes. The book keeps returning to the Goddess Activation™ work and the awe-inspiring women who bring us some of the most profound stories of transformation.

Meet the woman behind Goddess Activations™ Modality, Radhaa Nilia

Back Cover Description of the Book

"The Goddesses have been trampled out of temples, written out of text and taken out of History. The world is imbalanced because of this, and the Goddesses are needed now more than ever. Join us as we unravel the tight grip of the patriarchy to resurrect the Goddesses back onto Earth and into the Golden Age. Discover seventeen Goddess Archetypes through women who experienced Goddess Activations™ as they unravel feminine pain of the old paradigms, transforming their journey into triumphant holders of Pillars of Light. Goddess Activations™ is a living light frequency, an original healing modality by Radhaa Nilia.

Goddess Code Academy™ is the home of Goddess Activations™, a mystical school for the Divine Feminine. A rich and soulful book. A fusion of feminine compelling and insightful personal stories that set the feminine Spirit free. This book is educational, entertaining, and provocative. The stories in this book are raw and real experiences, and a reminder that there is nothing you can't overcome with the Goddesses as your ally. As you step into the temple doors to the realm of the Goddesses you too will receive activations to what's possible when you come home to the arms of the Goddess. A must-read book for anyone on their healing journey who desires to connect with the Goddess."

Meet the woman behind Goddess Activations™ Modality, Radhaa Nilia

Radhaa’s love for the Goddess

The Goddess has been with Radhaa her whole life. Her parents named her after RadhaKrsna, Goddess of Love and Devotion. In Radhaa's early childhood, her mom took her to the East. She took Radhaa and her brother to the very top of the Cordillera Mountains in the Philippines to live with the natives.

There, Radhaa met Goddess Gaia herself and learned that a Goddess of nature named Maria Makiling is in all nature. In these mountains, Radhaa felt the Spirit of the Goddess all around her. The people of these lands are natural lovers of nature, and they would say Papa Sky, Momma Earth. God Sky, Goddess Earth. She learned how to live and breathe with the land; plants and animals were all sentient beings who were a spark of the divine. Their teachings were deeply rooted within Radhaa.

This place was Heaven on Earth. Unspoiled lands, no corruption had touched this land at that time. The Indigenous people welcomed them with open arms. A beautiful time in her life that has initiated her on the path of the Goddess, later brought forth this work and teachings at Goddess Code Academy™, a mystical school for the divine feminine where she teaches her original modality, Goddess Activations™.

Goddess Activation™ original modality by Radhaa Nilia (Video)

What women are saying about working with Goddess Activation™

“WOW. I have taken two weeks to write this review to fully evaluate the Value of my session with Radhaa. During the session and directly after, I was BLOWN away. My feet were nowhere near the ground as Radhaa provided me with an unbelievable amount of love, healing, guidance, and pure magic. I was feeling so fantastic that I was worried it would not last. Well, it did! Here I am 2 weeks later, more confident, more secure in what I am doing. Every little piece that she helped me put into place was crucial, and each piece has brought about its healing. I can feel my vibration has been lifted and in a way that will stay with me. So, Radhaa’s Goddess Code Pele Activation did EXACTLY that. She provided a safe, loving space where I could activate the gifts within myself that previously I could not access. Clarity, confidence, direction, actionable steps, healing, and crazy amounts of love are what you will get from a session with Radhaa. I highly highly recommend it.” – Tracy, Energy Alignment Coach, Canada.

“Yesterday I had a Goddess Activation session with Radhaa Nilia. It was powerful and exciting. I was filled with a surge of electricity and a pulse of determination that hadn’t lost its fuel even 24 hours later. I’m on the verge of a new thing happening in my business and life. Radhaa provided me with clarity, an understanding of the root of my blocks, a clearing of those blocks, and a jolt towards my next great thing. Radhaa is kind, caring, and compassionate and gave me great insight into the questions that have been lingering in my Spirit. If you haven’t signed up for her Goddess Activation Session, do it now! Wait, why are you still reading this? Go sign up already! You know you want to.” – Tami Lynn, Interior Designer, Hollywood, CA.

“I just had an awesome theta healing session with Radhaa. She has such a calming and the nurturing presence and, through her thoughtful questions, was able to help me get to the root of my issue. Once there, she used her ability to remove any blocks I had in that area. Following my session with Radhaa, I felt this immediate sense of peace and calm and a renewed sense of hope and the confidence in my creativity and abilities. Thank you, Radhaa, for your time and energy.” -Jessica M., Hawaii.

“Here is the review I wrote after my incredible session with Radhaa a couple of weeks ago. She is truly a Goddess, and I have kept evolving since our session. We are blessed to be able to experience her healing and love. Don’t hesitate to move forward with Radhaa. She’s the real deal. “Oh my goodness, I just birthed my cosmic self with Radhaa today! The experience was magical and playful, with rainbow colors, glitter, gold, and gorgeous. She was loving, knowing, wise, a warm and natural guide, and I feel blessed and forever transformed. The drawings I do today, a day we’ve been long awaiting, will be dedicated to Radhaa and her divine gifts. Don’t wait to experience Radhaa, the golden goddess of love and light. She is simply divine and miraculous.” – Val C., Best Selling Author, Marina Del Rey, CA.

“I recommend Goddess Activation™ for women on the Divine path or interested in it and who want to go deeper into the mysteries of yourself and the Holy Goddess because right now is the time! No more hiding! Enough is enough. You don’t need to hold on to things that don’t belong to you. It’s time to let go. In our session, I got light codes, I received the initiations, beautiful symbology, and the personalized symbols that brought us to speak of that. I knew only Sophia would know that, that I needed to hear to prove that that was her coming through. I am stopping the need to search everywhere else to receive her wisdom and feel it within myself and trust what comes to me so I can really, truly channel the wisdom of the Sophia. What a beautiful experience! I’ll end it by saying that for women interested in taking this path, I recommend Radhaa’s sessions. You’d be surprised what comes through, what you’re still holding on to, that you can learn to let go to embody more life, your Soul & the purpose.” – A Shimmel, Hypnotherapist, Woodland Hills, LA.

Meet the woman behind Goddess Activations™ Modality, Radhaa Nilia

So where can we find Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations?

Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/3JjMjYc

Walmart: https://bit.ly/3nyrBde

Paperback: https://amzn.to/3ntpuaM

Kindle:  https://amzn.to/3okvcfO

UK (Store): https://amzn.to/3fzcUCb

Apple Books: https://apple.co/3A9eJ2e

Get a signed copy: https://radhaanilia.net/shop/

And you can find Radhaa HERE:





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