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ONE-GUIDE - The Brand of Guidone Brothers

ONE-GUIDE - The Brand of Guidone Brothers

ONE-GUIDE is the dream of two young brothers Giovanni Guidone and Raffaele Guidone who with determination and a lot of passion have created a Made in Italy brand.

A style born in the street, simple and urban, easy and versatile to wear, which they have made "High Fashion". Thanks to the use of high-end and quality fabrics. The two brothers have the desire to give their own personal idea of clothing and the streetwear world. Through their voice and their aesthetics, they want to express their personal truth, demonstrating how clothes and sneakers are not just clothing. Behind a simple garment, there is a message, “Life is beautiful”.

Brand History:

The dream was born when the two brothers were children and between school and the sport they both practiced, they enjoyed imitating their greatest hero, a man they loved so much and who loved them so much.

That man, craftsman and merchant at heart and a lover of Made in Italy, taught Giovanni and Raffaele a lot, telling them everything about his life, his dreams and his work but above all he taught them that "Life is beautiful".

A man who was for the two brothers "A Guide" who was able to show them the right "Direction" to take among the "Infinite" roads that life puts in front of you.

Giovanni and Raffaele Guidone with simplicity and a lot of love have been able to enclose the thought of their beloved grandfather, with the creation of the "One-Guide" brand and the "Life is beautiful" tag, keeping the tradition alive, adapting it to the contemporary.

The two brothers create Italian-made products with a bold and positive design, distributed all over the world.

ONE-GUIDE - The Brand of Guidone Brothers

ONE-GUIDE Sky Online Exclusive

The OG SKY sneaker is proposed with the combination of three different type materials, hammered calfskin, Nabuk leather and laterally covered with a refined painted microfiber, which recalls the color of Nabuk in the internal finishes, each sneakers has a captivating infinity in nickel-plated brass, hallmark of the ONE-GUIDE fashion house. The OG SKY model, designed by the Guidone brothers, takes inspiration from the basketball shoes. The innovative Eva sole completes the captivating footwear.

For More Information:

Brand Official Website: www.one-guide.it

ONE-GUIDE Brand IG: @one___guide

Giovanni Guidone IG: @giovanniguidone__

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