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Interview with Musical Artist, Jungle Girl Ykayyy

Interview with Musical Artist, Jungle Girl Ykayyy

Jungle Girl Ykayyy is an independent female musical artist born and raised in Charlotte, NC. JGYK is an outspoken , spoken word artist who has her own sound "JungleSound". JGYK has an upcoming EP dropping on ALL PLATFORMS on 10/14/2022 "IN THE NAME OF SWERVE N SWAY".

Hey Jungle Girl Ykayyy, Tell us About yourself?

I'm a young upcoming independent rap/spoken word artist with my own sound called 'Jungle sound'. it's loud and very unique but it's ALL me. I'm the MOST underrated… for now.

Where are you from?


Give Three qualities that describe you?

The Qualities that describe me are:


Tell us About Your Music?

My music stems from what I go through or what I've went through. From being down bad at moments & left out by immediate family to extended family, broken promises, fake love, depression, being an introvert being the black sheep of the family and the breadwinner. Hell a bitch is fed up. I have children by men who I refer to as my baby mamas because there's no respect and I've never re-respected a soul. I talk about how I bring up my kids, how I was raised and what I'm willing to do and go about my journey as the Jungle Girl to make sure they have more than 3 ways to eat, you just got to mainly listen and PAY ATTENTION. 

It's baby mama drill type music with a crazy twang sound that men can vibe to as well because of my word play but ONLY my kids start the drill in me. And it's not just "Baby Mama" music this shit here is real different this shit comes from the soul and how I really feel ain't no sugar coating shit & it's not just only one style of Jungle Sound. I'm coming with all types of sounds which is why I'm in my own lane and I'm just telling my story & coming how I'm coming not giving a fuck how others think or feel. Time for ME to speak up instead of others thinking they can speak for and on me about shit they know nothing about.

What Projects/Music do you Have Worked in Past?

I have music on Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify 'CHecc Yaself', 'Rags To Riches' (cover on SoundCloud), '4Real'… those are my top songs so far but the EP that's dropping soon is the shit I took my time on.

What Project/Music do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

Interview with Musical Artist, Jungle Girl Ykayyy

The most recent project I have is my first EP that drops on 10/14/2022 on ALL platforms called 'In The Name of SWERVE N SWAY'. Swerve N Sway are my 2 oldest kids that it's dedicated to along with a closed chapter of a previous situationship with my baby mama and it's pain, heartache and hella anger in all the songs but they won't let you down at all. Like I said nobody has a sound like mine this that JUNGLE SOUND, this shit RAW.

Who are the most influential people in your life?

The most influential people in my life are my kids, King Hi Cee and JBZ, BIG shout out to JBZ. Without JBZ it wouldn't be no JUNGLE GIRL YKAYYY. R.I.P. to My Daddy & R.I.P. King Hi Cee and we only up from here ain't no coming down AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE JUNGLE GIRL.

You can reach "Jungle Girl Ykayyy" via the following Platforms:

Social Media Platforms:

Instagram: @JungleGirlYkayyy

TikTok: @junglegirlykayyy

Facebook: Jungle Girl Ykayyy

Music Platforms:

Sound Cloud: SoundCloud - Jungle Girl Ykayyy

Spotify: Spotify - Jungle Girl Ykayyy

Apple Music: Music Apple - Jungle Girl Ykayyy

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