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Stunning Nelia Ross and her Journey Till Now

Stunning Nelia Ross and her Journey Till Now

"That is really so important not to lose our own personality and individuality, but to make efforts to understand each other, to tend to each other, to try to overcome all the problems that may arise while living together."

Popular an Italian-American singer, songwriter, pianist, producer and publisher Nelia Ross is spreading her magical talent all over the world. When she was just five years old, she started playing the piano and singing cartoon theme tunes in front of a tiny audience. This was the start of her career. When she was 12 years old, she started taking voice lessons from renowned italian opera singer Annabella Rossi. She started studying music and singing after meeting Edda Dell'Orso, the acclaimed interpreter of Ennio Morricone's soundtracks for movies like "Once Upon a Time in the West." As a result of her instruction and significant stage experience, she started taking home first place awards in various national competitions. By going here, you can access her official website and learn more about her.

Nelia Ross Now

Nelia Ross is one of the most well-known rock & opera singers and stars of today, noted for both her accomplishments in the field and her incredible talent. The performer has honed her natural ability to stand out from the audience with passion and feeling. She possesses a strong, beautiful voice. The gifted vocalist is determined to succeed and has already established a musical legacy that others will find difficult to remove using a number of methods. Nelia is improving the mainstream music environment with her immersive lyricism and impassioned productions that showcase a unique and invigorating vocal melody line. Her work deserves to be featured in the genre of popular music.

Stunning Nelia Ross and her Journey Till Now

Nelia Ross's Work

In 1995 Nelia joined SIAE as a writer and composer, which is the Italian Society for Authors and Publishers. When she first joined the SIAE she placed second in one of the most important national competitions, "Festival of Castrocaro" on the most important national television programme, RAI UNO, singing an original song, "Anni bui," that she and her producer at the time, Giampiero Artegiani, who was one of the most well-known writers of Italian songs.

Nelia's debut album was made available through Sony Music. The album contains a few remixes, including Barbra Streisand's Memory and Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan. She has performed both in Italy and abroad, singing both her own compositions and popular songs like Memory, The Best, Bang Bang, and many others. We first noticed the start of a partnership with several American authors in the 2012. Particularly noteworthy is Nelia's partnership with Nico Adams on True Light that reaches over 75k views and more than 4000 subscriptions in her YouTube Channel. Click here to listen to the song. 2019 saw the start of yet another great partnership with three London-based artists.

Upcoming Project

We know she is working hard on a project that has requested 2 years of work to be completed. During the Pandemia Nelia, after her mother passed away because of COVID while Nelia was recording in UK a few new songs that she wrote, she started to put in practice what she had already in her mind. Her mother gave her a push to realize her dream. Keep following her official website to get updates. Click here for the link.

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