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The Confederated Empire is on Fire!

The Confederated Empire is on Fire!

Hold up and wait a second the Emperor has new shoes! But wait no literally the Emperor of the Confederated Empire has a new line of Imperial clothing out and it is fiiiiiiiirre! Their shoes are comfy, flashy and the everything you need to complete that super chic outfit you put together for a night on the town. But don’t stop there, the Emperor has dresses, leggings, shorts and much, much more.

“So how did you come up with all this and what do I call you Emperor Bryce, Emperor Province Ivrea?”

“Don’t worry you can just call me Emperor, and well I wanted my daughter to be a princess so I founded a country it's pretty simple really” he said laughing.

“Okay well isn’t that illegal or can you get in trouble for that?”

“No not really it's actually quite legal you see the United States entered into an international treaty at the Montevideo Convention, and when they signed that Article 6 of the US constitution took over making it the Supreme law of the land. From there we declared independence and have been trying to make friends in the international community and become recognized by another nation.”

“Don’t you have to be recognized to be a country?”

“No and that was what the Montevideo convention made international law, that a country could declare independence secede and become a country if they met the several requirements which we have done and continue to do by engaging in diplomacy, buying more land and naturalizing more citizens. But enough about the Empire darling let me tell you about the new line.”

“Alright what makes Imperial collection's new line so special?”

“Well, we really went bold this year. The summer is so hot we had to come out with clothing that would keep you cool and that had bold colors as hot and loud as the weather baby. We did that by using the brightness of the Imperial seal for this line, with its stark colors it is bound to be the signature piece in your wardrobe.”

“I noticed that you now have shoes and swimwear as well?”

“Yah that's for sure, we have come out with high top and low top men and women shoes, and women bathing suits that you can feel sexy and like royalty in We really expect the shoes to do well this year as we love them and so has everyone who sees them and knows they are getting a piece of the Empire.”

The Confederated Empire is on Fire!

“You're an author as well I hear?”

“Yes I am and a musician, I’ve wrote four books and released 3 solo Albums and one with our group Racist Pizza.”

“Wow, so you do it all?” 

“And well honey.”

“Oh my, So the Emperor's new shoes are gonna be doing well this year, but knowing your past I was surprised there were no camouflage items. Can we expect a militia line to come out soon?”

“We don’t plan on a militia Line but maybe a mixed camo meets Empire line in the future, but for now we are just hoping people will get out there check out our stuff and maybe become part of the Imperial Nobility.”

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By Jessica R

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