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Interview with Artists, The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB)

Interview with Artists, The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB)


Devin and Ryan Ledesma, also known as ‘Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB)’ are musical artists and creatives from Wichita Falls, Texas now residing in Arlington, Texas . The artists have a lot of projects to look forward to in the upcoming seasons. They have been on top wherever they go and continue to make a mark in each place they step foot into. 

From being consistently dedicated to their work as long as he remembers. They speak more on their upcoming endeavors. “We are working on several musical projects with our close friend VINSIN who produces, & our cousin OBI who produces and engineers as well. We’ve just recently released our first EP on all streaming platforms called “CLARITY” produced by VINSIN and mastered by OBI. Our next project we release will most likely be with OBI, release date to be determined. We’re also a part of a label named 2True Records, founded by our cousin J Anthony Martinez.”

The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB) is on the right path despite the hardships he grew up in and overcame. The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB) have been through a lot. “There’s many struggles that come with pursuing your dream. For us it was being judged before we were heard, having to compete with others who may have more resources than us, and running into people who are in the business who may not want what's best for you, rather than what's best for them.”

The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB) stay motivated. Their hardships have made them who they are and The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB) do not stop pushing. Because of their consistent work, they have gotten major attention in Dallas.

Where are you from?

We are from Wichita Falls, Texas, a smaller town in north Texas closer to the Oklahoma border.

Give Three qualities that describe you:

We are creative, humble, and outside of the box when it comes to making music. We’re not typically what you’d expect when it comes to making Rap/Hip-Hop.

What is inspiring you right now consistently to work on your endeavors?

The love of making music, and the love we get for our music is probably what drives us the most. It’s always been a therapeutic thing for us as well as an escape from being bored and stuck at home. Hip Hop has always been a great way to express yourself, and it helps that people think we’re good at it too.

What piece of advice do you want others to take back from the work you display?

That they can be great at what they want to do, as long as they’re willing to practice, and really work for it. That perseverance is important, and that doing it because you love to do it, is key.

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

Right now, we just want everyone to see what we’ve already done. From the music videos, to the new EP “CLARITY”, and even the old mixtapes we’ve got on Soundcloud. We have a huge body of work and we think that we have content for everyone, young & old. We like to experiment with our sound and we’re nowhere close to being done.

The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB) hardships have made them want to keep pushing despite anything. Their work remains unique and worthy. “Grinding, always working, and never giving up. Cutting off the wrong people in your life, and doing our best to stay out of trouble. Though we may fall from time to time, we always get back up. We’ve always been told that whatever we wanted in life, we’d have to work for it. “Nothing in life is free” as our grandpa Emanuel would say. It’s definitely true.”

The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB) are focused on doing better each time they create content. They mention that their name will be worth remembering.

The Dem Ledesma Boyz (DLB) mention within the interview that certain in individuals their life, more like family, have inspired them to be great and to push harder. “Our Mother, and Grandparents played a big part in how we were raised growing up, if it wasn’t for them, there's no telling where we’d be right now. Our Father is a musician and was the one who definitely gave us our ability to create the music we create. He was also a hip hop artist in the late 90’s and orchestrated our first studio session as children. Both of them, though they were separated most of our lives, are a huge part of the reason we continue to work hard and be who we are. As well as our peers and others who support us on this journey.”

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