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Getting to Know Hot Upcoming Rapper, MISFIT

Getting to Know Hot Upcoming Rapper, MISFIT


MISFIT is a rapper born in Dallas, Texas, raised in Royse City, and currently staying in Plano, Texas. The artist produces a remarkable quantity of high-quality work. MISFIT elaborates on his planned projects and on how he has been devoted to his career for as long as he can remember, how he has surmounted hurdles, and how he continues to pursue his objectives. 

“I'm working on my writing and freestyling. The clock for my ten thousand hours is still ticking which means I'm trying to perfect my craft. Working on understanding the basics, what works and searching for things that haven't been done yet. I want to reach new heights with my music and raise the bar for hip hop.” 

With his work being notable and grabbing the attention of others, he speaks on some of his projects that are being worked on at the moment. “I just released my first EP titled, ‘Life Is A Wreck’ on the 28th of October. All tracks were produced by me and were recorded with the help of George Pettus of Lifesound Studio in Austin, Texas and Panda's Den Studio in Killeen, Texas. I've been performing the EP at open mics across Dallas to get the word out and get more performing experience. And everyday, I'm always thinking about new music.”

MISFIT, a multifaceted artist, is renowned for his passionate, genuine, and stubborn manner and work ethic. Despite the obstacles he encountered in his past, MISFIT is advancing in the right way. “To get out of my current situation. Fear of failure is always inspiring me to not give up what I'm doing. Comfort and validation from strangers to urge me to keep going is inspiring to me. Reminding myself of all the time, money and energy I put into this keeps me pushing. It feels like I've come so far from where I started but I have more to accomplish, more to create and more to give.” MISFIT is able to maintain his drive. MISFIT does not give up since his struggles have shaped him into the person he is today. As a result of the reliable work he has produced, he has established himself as a promising new artist emerging from his hometown.

Give Three qualities that describe you:

-Passionate: Always have had strong feelings for music and crafting with purpose. Addicted to the feeling of creating new energy. Creating and performing have always been gifts.

-Genuine: I create with sincerity. Doing so makes what I do in the craft authentic and not persuaded by unwarranted distractions or mentalities. Not heavily influenced by the oversaturation in the genre. I am trying to reach longevity with good, true music.

-Stubborn: I will always find a way when my heart is set on something. Even if I don't receive help, it won't matter because I press forward regardless. I feel like if you truly want something to come into fruition you have to be stubborn to a point. Once I pick up the determination, it is nearly impossible for my attitude to change. Being stubborn with a goal ensures that nothing shakes your motive or gets in the way.

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are at now?

I have faced bullying, ridicule, rejection, overcoming moving out of my family's house with no money, wrecking the only car I had, quitting my job because it wasn't putting enough effort towards my music. I've been scammed online and in person, lost some money and time I won't get back. I force my mentality to take into consideration that everything happens for a reason and that a loss is a lesson.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

Learning how to brand myself as an artist. And that is still in progress along with captivating an audience. Biggest part is learning new lessons when you're first starting off; seeing what works and has an impact versus what needs to be improved.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

My family influences me in many ways, the right friends keep me pushing in the right direction. Of course there are great artists that inspire me like Kendrick, Drake, J. Cole, Jay-Z and Eminem just to name a few. But what's really keeping me going right now are the collaborators that I've been working with and linking with other local artists in my area.

At this time, MISFIT's principal objective is to sustain his musical career in order to build the foundation he has already constructed to an even larger degree. MISFIT keeps his eyes on the goal, and he is aware that he must do so if he wants to attain success. “I continued to pursue what I wanted regardless if someone was going to help me or not. If I can't find a singer, I am the singer. If I can't find the producer, I become the producer. If I can't reach an engineer, I turn into an engineer. I also want people to understand that I'm human. And just like everyone else, we go through an evolution phase to comprehend our purpose. Not only will my music provide various feelings like life does, but it will also give insight to my growth as an artist and as a person. Growth for the better is always at the forefront.” MISFIT has his sights set on the prize.

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