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Interview With Musical Artist, Jaywayz

Interview With Musical Artist, Jaywayz

Jaywayz is a musical artist from Austin, Texas. The artist has a lot of projects to look forward to in the upcoming seasons and is just getting his name out there. From being consistently dedicated to his work as long as he remembers, pushing past adversities, and still pursuing his dreams, Jaywayz speaks more on his upcoming endeavors. “I am working on many behind the scenes singles, collabs, and music videos. A lot of heat on the way! That’s all I will say!”

Jaywayz is known to be destined, distinct, and determined, when it comes to his demeanor and work ethic. Jaywayz is on the right path despite the hardships he grew up in and overcame. Jaywayz has been through a lot, but stays consistent on his current endeavors. “What’s inspiring me is the feeling of knowing that I’m so much more , and knowing that there is a bigger purpose in all of this.” Jaywayz stays motivated. His hardships have made him who he is and Jaywayz does not stop pushing. Because of his consistent work, he is now an upcoming and talented artist coming out of his city.

Hey Jaywayz, Tell us About yourself?

So my love of music came from my people. They would be up all night just blasting music from sun up to sun down, Sunday through Monday, it didn't matter the time of day or what day it fell on. They would drink and smoke and have the music playing that's where my different taste in music came from.

Where are you from?

I'm from Austin, Texas. I grew up on the east side of Austin on sprindale and mlk, that was my home and my stomping grounds. I also stayed in Houston for some time too in third ward, southpark and 5th ward. We would also go to New Orleans a lot so my music is a heavy influence of all three cities.

Give Three qualities that describe you?

My three qualities would be Hardworking, Genuine & Driven.

Tell us About Your Music?

My music tells my story a little bit of rap, a little bit of pop, a little bit of zydeco, r&b, jazz and rock. I just love being versatile.For me being able to tap into all genres is what makes me different.

What Projects/Music do you Have Worked in the Past?

In the past, I worked on a trap/club type of collab just to get my name out there and create a buzz, it was moderate success. So now I'm trying to fully showcase my prowess as an artist.

What Project/Music do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

It's definitely one of my favorite albums, its a soul folk album and speaks of my experiences in life. So, I hope that the fans really like this one.

Who are the most influential people in your life?

Most influences is my wife. She is such an amazing person and everything that she has accomplished has continued to push me and the children are also a big part of what i do, i want to provide them with a life i never had. So, that's why I'm so hard on myself so they can live better.

You can reach ‘Jaywayz’ via the following Social Media Platforms:

Instagram: @jaywayz_21

Twitter: @jaywayz_21

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