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Crying Yakuza - Hub of Fashion and Style

Crying Yakuza - Hub of Fashion and Style

Crying Yakuza (CY) is a high end fashion based in Slovenia, Established by ‘Til Bohak Kralj’. The brand is an embodiment of high quality modern wear. It is renowned for its unique designs in everyday clothing and casual wearing format. Their minimalistic approach towards the fashion and trend is not surely going to disappoint the valuable customers.

Why to Choose ‘Crying Yakuza’?

There are many reasons but few are summed up for you to decide whether its gonna be your brand or not:

1- Simple, Playful & Trendy

Crying Yakuza is ideal for the people that mostly stick to trendy, simple ensembles that stand out little. CY’s wardrobe choices are mostly dark, aesthetic and won’t scream out too loud. It’s style and embroidery technique are mainly admirable.

2- Confidence With Comfort

The clothing are usually breezy and relaxed that will surely stand you out more confidently. Not only this, with it’s simple, functional look, breathability and ease level, you can’t blame people for choosing to wear casuals.

3- Dress To Fun-Up Your Life

Stop here, if you don’t want to a rainbow person but a jolly one, spreading laughs everywhere, Crying Yakuza has a beautiful collection naming “Humorist” for you. “Humorist” is in Black as base giving you a deep, calming but cheering personality vibes. Now, you can imagine how freestyle fashion sense can make your life fun.

Crying Yakuza - Hub of Fashion and Style

Crying Yakuza - Hub of Fashion and Style

4- Dress-Up To Say It All

Dress sense speaks up your story, your choices, your preferences and about your comfort zone too. If you have a bold classy personality, use CY’s signature style as your clothing description.

5- Customize Size, Fitting & Style for Everyone

From so many reasons to choose “Crying Yakuza”, one is it’s customized fitting collections that are distinctively available for all ages of people. Also, their cuts & style are suitable for almost every gender. They have variety of outfits that will give you the trendy fashionista look.

6- Premium Quality, Durability & Affordable Prices

The brand is favorite among the buyers due to their superior quality stuff at fair prices. Their attention to the style of outfit and exquisite fabric make them brand one of its kind, Material used in the products are highly sustainable so that is can last over the years.

How “Crying Yakuza” is different from other brands?

The brand is known for its trendy and iconic pieces that provide a creative concept where the dreams and inspiration of their customers come true. All of their clothes are skillfully crafted by professional artisans and sold at fair prices.

In short, the brand is working towards becoming a household name across the world in its unique daily outfit range as well as providing their customers “Happy Clothing”.

You can reach “Crying Yakuza” via the following platforms:

Official Website: cryingyakuza.com

Instagram Page: @cryingyakuza

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