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Interview With Artist and Entrepreneur, Brady Aye

Interview With Artist and Entrepreneur, Brady Aye


Brady Autrey, also known as ‘Brady Aye’, is a creative artist and entrepreneur living in the Dallas area in Texas. He remains determined and genuine with his endeavors. Brady Aye, has maintained his commitment to excellence and the motivations of those around him. Brady Aye discusses his future plans and the driving forces behind his perseverance. 

“I’m working on a track with one of my favorite Taylor Gang artists `Young Deji.’ The entire project is coming out on February 14th. There’s going to be a lyric video dropping at the same time, so that’s where most of my focus has been. Also, (probably get this on every questionnaire) an album containing twelve songs. It’s almost completed. The new song “Worst Way (feat. Young Deji). February 12th. It’s a good one.”

The diverse creative, Brady Aye, explains more on the struggles he has overcome to be where he is at. Brady Aye keeps going because he knows that his hardships have made him stronger. Motive is not an issue for Brady Aye. Brady Aye’s family, friends, support, and even his fellow artist associates help inspire and drive him on a daily basis. During the ups, downs, and everything in between.

Where are you from?

I was born in Plano, Texas in the good ol’ year 1997. When I was 3, my family moved to Canton, Georgia (being 3 I had to go with, ya feel?) Freshman year of Highschool came around and we decided to move back to Dallas, so I’ve been here ever since.

Give Three qualities that describe you:

1. I wish someone else could answer this for me, but #1 would have to be energetic. I love having a good time and getting people excited. Especially when it comes to music.

2. Outgoing: When I see someone down, I always try and lift their spirits up. Making new friends and meeting new people only happen if you’re either approached or do the approaching, I enjoy doing the approaching.

3. Loving: My family and friends mean so much to me, I’d be a fool not to love them to my fullest.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

I own two businesses; one being ‘Your Favorite Night Light LLC.’ and the other being ‘Brady Aye.’ As far as the Christmas Lights industry, the obstacles come with the danger of the job. Being on top of sketchy roofs hanging from the shingles can bring quite a scare. The music industry obstacle I’ve overcome is really just getting the guts to put content out there. Finding the right audience that likes what I come up with was/is tough. Also, taking the time to learn how to produce beats, and mix and master was an important obstacle I had to overcome. I actually moved out to Albuquerque, New Mexico for almost a year to literally do nothing but learn beat producing, and mental health.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

Pops has always been influential to me. Learning how to grind and stay on top of it has been solid growing up. Taylor Gang really put me on a new perspective on Hip Hop. Wiz Khalifa has always been my favorite artist, and his business mindset is something I look up to. When Taylor Gang brought Chevy Woods, Juicy J, Berner, Ty Dolla Sign, and Young Deji, it was game over. Sledgren and Cardo Got Wings make that vibe/sound I try to interpret in my own beats.

Brady Aye is now focusing on keeping up his motivating grind so that he may expand upon his present success and continue to serve as an inspiration to others. Finally, he offers guidance about some important aspects of his grind and his inspiration. “I still struggle, and often. But being out in nature really helps me stay grounded and realize everything will be alright. Social media is a joke. Live your life how you were created to do so. Don’t let people persuade your mind so easily. Think more with common sense. Keep your eyes on God. What is inspiring me right now to consistently work on my endeavors are my goals. I’ve set myself up to achieve certain things and I won’t stop until I drop. Once these current goals are completed, on to the next.” 

Brady Aye constantly retains his focus on the end result, which he is aware is crucial if he wants to succeed. Brady Aye has made the correct decision and remains steadfast.

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