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Interview With A Creative, Porsha

Interview With A Creative, Porsha


Porchel Threadgill, also known as ‘Porsha’, is a loctician, herbalist, poet from Corsicana, Texas with influences in Dallas, Texas. As a diverse and unique artist, she has had numerous projects that have caught the eye of others. Porsha remains consistent on her journey, and is constantly improving. Known as ambitious, creative, and brilliant with her work, Porsha explains the journey of her work. 

“Right now I am working on marketing my brand and decorating my shop at a new location. Also, preparing for a spoken word event coming up.” Porsha is now putting in a lot of effort to display her skills, one day to achieve the highest level of success. She is on the right path to do so.

Porsha speaks of her inspiration and what helps her get through rough times. “My children are the biggest inspiration in my life. Being that I am one of the first entrepreneurs of my family, I make it a priority to show them the importance of handling business, but also to be yourself, be creative, and follow your dreams. Staying connected with the Most High and changing my mindset. Realizing that everything I need is inside of me. I have always said that the easiest thing to do is to give up. The hard thing is to keep going. No matter what obstacles I have faced, there is nothing that I can not overcome.” Her goals and the reasons she pursues them set her up for success in all she undertakes.

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

I have a soft grand opening for my new shop location coming up soon!

As a business owner, what are some obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are at?

Getting laid off from my job, financial hardships, having a repossession, not having confidence in my gifts and talents. All of which put me in alignment for my purpose!

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, a lot of big-crowd events, like concerts and festivals, were banned in 2021 and some even in 2022. This was because of restrictions put in place by both the city and the federal government. As a result, the number of chances for artists to show off their skills has been dramatically cut down. However, Porsha remained steadfast through it all. “Know yourself. Trust yourself. And always, always, always be yourself. There can be a million and one people doing what you are doing, but there is only one you. Allow people to be drawn in by your authenticity.”

Porsha mentions within the interview that certain individuals in her life have inspired her to be great, starting from her own family. “My mother and my brother. I always saw my mother grinding and being a great mother. Growing up my older brother always inspired me to chase my dreams and how to balance family and business.” Porsha will be successful in achieving her goal because she never gives up, and in order to keep her position at the top, she can only see success in the years to come.

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