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'Exotic Dimensions' Award Winner Musical Project By Shumile

'Exotic Dimensions' Award Winner Musical Project By Shumile

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul" (PLATO)

Exotic dimensions award-winning musical project produced by Shumile. The project is an amazing blend of classic pop and electric music. The songs from the album are deep, emotional, and mysterious. The project won awards and nominations several times, one of the awards was won at the ‘John Lennon Song Writing Contest And Film Festival’.

The first album was released in January 2016. The release consisted of a number of songs, and each track emerges a beautiful traditional sensation that was summed up from different cultures including African, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Scottish, and Arabic as well. Album was published in Japan's largest newspaper 'Western Japan Newspaper'. It was also got published in another newspaper and magazine. The song from the album was aired on RKB, the major radio station in Japan.


‘Maiden Made Not Of Clay’  is a music video produced by Shumile in collaboration with ‘Celtic Musicians’ and ‘Stop Motion Animation’ on September 2021. The video got nominated and awarded at many music competitions and film festivals including IMDb and Academy Awards.

'Desert Heat' was released in 2022 and artistic mingle of Arabic pop and classical music. The soothing musical track is produced by the collaboration of Arabic Traditional Musicians.

Exotic Dimensions Project and 'Desert Heat' were featured and aired on HC Media, the local cable TV channel in Haverhill in MA after the release.

About Producer:

Shumile is a music producer, Composer, Orchestrator, Pianist, Singer, Programmer, Video Editor, Director, and Script Writer. She was born in Japan and is based in the US. She graduated from the Berklee College of Music majoring in film scoring. She has been awarded and nominated many times including the most renowned 'John Lennon songwriting contest' one of the popular film festivals in Czech and other film festivals including iMDb and Academy Awards Certified Festivals such as Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival and Cinequest film and VR Festival.

Aim Of Producer:

Shumile is a highly qualified artist in her field. She wants to show the beauty hidden inside the rhythms of the beats to the world. She believes in spreading love and respect through music. That is the reason behind singing traditional songs.  Her aim is to bring people of different languages and cultures closer to each other. She wants to connect the Nations through her amazing music. She is aiming to build a great reach of the audience for her musical tracks. Help her in her 'Mission' by following and listening to her.

You can reach 'Exotic Dimensions' via the following Platforms:

Website: exoticdimensionsmusic.com

Instagram: @exotic_dimensions

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