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Getting to Know Artist, Lex

Getting to Know Artist, Lex


Alexis Ray, also known as ‘itsjvstlex’ or ‘Lex’, is a musical artist, audio engineer, and songwriter, born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lex keeps her musical presence known all around. Even including Texas.  Known as unique, resilient and versatile in the efforts that have been led out throughout her life, Lex is just an overall talented artist. She has had numerous projects that have caught the eye of others. She remains consistent on her projects through her music, and is always having new ideas with her work. Lex explains her current projects. “Currently I am working on a tape with Euphoria Beatz, who will produce the entire project. Super excited! Be sure to check him out! We plan on dropping late spring so definitely be on the lookout for that. If you haven’t heard our first project together ‘Youniversoul Knowledge’ be sure to check that out on all streaming platforms. We got lots of projects in store. I don’t want to share too much of what I am working on.”

Lex is now putting in a lot of effort to display her skills, with the expectation that she would one day achieve the highest level of success. She is on the right path to do so. Lex speaks on some of her motivations at the moment. “What is inspiring me right now is honestly surrendering to the now. Letting go of all outcomes and accepting what I am being offered and dealing with what comes. It pushes me to adapt and work with the energies that are presenting itself and that always pushes me to create and also dive into new endeavors without fear or worry.” Her goals and the reasons she pursues them set her up for success in all she undertakes.

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are now?

Ah man. That’s a good question. As I was just living in my car not too long ago and that was pretty tough I admit, trying to get it all on my own. I overcame it by admitting I needed help haha. That’s a hard thing to do though. You know most people would let their pride and ego keep them in that place. So going to my support system and being honest with myself about my struggles helped me to overcome and put me in a much better state of being.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

Some obstacles I had to overcome was to get people to listen to something different. As an artist you see most listeners don’t listen to upcoming artists or underground artists if they aren’t trending or clout chasing. So it was hard to initially get people to listen to something different and uplifting at that. But when I found one, I knew I could find even more. Another obstacle was not really having a team to help me like most artists do. So being an independent artist, you do most of the work. It can get hectic sometimes, keeping up with deadlines, shows, supporters, social media. But all you can really do is pace yourself and enjoy the experience. You know you smell the roses and realize you are doing it and keep doing it.

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

Like I mentioned earlier, I have a project with Euphoria Beatz upcoming in late spring also a few features I am excited to release. I love working with people, it’s inspiring. But I can’t say much. I like surprises.

Not only is Lex an experienced artist, but she is also an artist who has a great deal of knowledge. She hopes that with the force of her work, she will be able to have a positive influence on the world and attain greater levels of success in her career. Lex puts in hours of hard work and makes it a commitment to find inspiration in everything around her. She concludes the interview by giving a piece of advice that she wants others to take back from her overall work. “Just be yourself. Don’t follow what other people are doing. Branch out from the crowd and stand out. When you do that, you tap more into yourself and bring out different aspects of you that you never thought existed. Also if it scares you, you should go for it full force. Don’t ever let fear hold you back.” As a necessary result of the effort she has put in, she will be in a position to strengthen the foundation that she has already established by building the additional elements on top of it and expanding the scope of those elements. Lex will be successful in achieving her goal because she never gives up. She will only see success in the days to come.

“The most influential people in my life have been my late papa, Larry Ray. My cousin Dominique Rodman and my good friend Desirae Capehart. They all have inspired me to keep going in life and do good no matter what comes my way. They all have brought out a side of me I was uncomfortable expressing before I started doing music and without them I honestly wouldn’t know what I would be doing right now.”

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