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Check Out Musical Artist, Slim Simaa, From Louisiana

Check Out Musical Artist, Slim Simaa, From Louisiana


Whitney Bankston, also known as ‘Slim Simaa’ or ‘Memmea’ is a musical artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who now resides in Clinton, Louisiana. She has all around talent that has followed her for years. She has a remarkable way of interacting with her audience and fans. Slim Simaa is determined to make the best in her music as possible, no matter where she is. “Currently I am working on an EP Called ‘Slim Simaa Reloaded’ That’s dropping June 19! I have a new project and T-Shirt that drops From the clothing brand which Is Called ‘Grande’ Clothing’. Make Sure to follow the brand because it’s dope and it’s for the people, @thegrande_clothingco.” Slim Simaa is working hard to enhance her work constantly in order to reach the peak of accomplishment.

Being on top of her work ethic, Slim Simaa is known to be authentic, lovable, and resilient Overall. Slim Simaa went on to remark that her passion for her work will always be a driving force in her life, the people around her influencing her a lot. “My Grandfather which he is now deceased, Kobe Bryant influenced me, and of course Big Nip Hussle! Tupac sparked my brain and gave me the game! Shoutout to the greats who paved the way! What is inspiring me right now to work on my endeavors consistently is wanting to make a change and difference in my community and those I come in contact with!”

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are now?

Patience and perseverance, consistency, praying, and just keeping the faith.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

Finances were one of the biggest obstacles and not marketing and promoting properly.

Due to the fact that Slim Simaa has been known in her music field, her content only continues to expand. This has had an effect on her overall career in the sense that she has set up and participated in a number of various projects with others as well. Slim Simaa is a successful musical artist, and has a great future set up for herself. Even if things don't always go as planned in the actual world, Slim Simaa does not give up. “The advice I want others to take back from the work I display is that no matter if it’s just you on your journey, always believe in yourself and never give up. And keep God 1st in everything you do!”

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