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Artist, BadNewsBandit, Has A Big Project Dropping

Artist, BadNewsBandit, Has A Big Project Dropping


Jack David Phillips, also known as ‘BadNewsBandit’ or ‘PlayBoy’) is a singer, songwriter, and artist who was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1998. At the age of 10 he moved out of the city and Dallas, Texas is the city that raised him. He currently lives near Orlando, Florida. In the music and entertainment industry, BadNewsBandit, the artist, has set his eyes on the top, and is determined to reach there. From putting in work for years and building his credibility in the city, the artist is continuing to lead in the industry and his work catches the attention of his listeners fast. Goofy, talented, and an over thinker, BadNewsBandit has a strong goal with his music: he wants to stay committed to his work while building a legacy. “I have an Album ‘Poetry out of pain’ dropping on October 3rd , 2023. It’s an 18 song album. I’ve worked so hard to get this ready. I’m excited!” BadNewsBandit is destined for greatness.

Although failure is common while traveling far from home, BadNewsBandit, a successful artist who doesn't give up easily, isn't one to do that. He treats his working relationships seriously. His aspiration is to keep moving ahead and use his music to make a positive difference despite the difficulties. He describes some insight on the struggles he has overcome with positive words. “I have overcome struggles by never giving up. In the streets and in the studio.” BadNewsBandit makes an impact in the industry.

Artist, BadNewsBandit, Has A Big Project Dropping

BadNewsBandit has been well-known in his city and in others for a long time. BadNewsBandit the artist never gives up and is quite clear about his aims and ambitions, even through times of hardship. “What inspires me is Making it out the day to day struggle and putting on for mm team and family.” His goal is to keep moving ahead and to create something meaningful with his music. BadNewsBandit makes a difference in the music industry by putting in the hours of effort, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Give Three qualities that describe you:

Goofy - I like to have fun and fuck off when the situations aren’t serious.

Talented - Everything I tend to put my mind to i can be successful in.

Over Thinker/ Over Analyzer - I overthink everything no matter what it is due to my past & situations i’ve been in.

Artist, BadNewsBandit, Has A Big Project Dropping

As a business owner, what are some obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are at?

I’ve had to figure out , how am I going to pay my bills, but also invest in myself and my music? And also make sure I make enough money to make it happen.

BadNewsBandit continues by saying that his love of music would always be his motivation in life. “Most influential person in my life is my father. No matter how many times i fucked up, went to jail, got in fights or just trouble in general, if i say i didn’t do it he would back me 100%. My father was the person that showed me what a good man looks like and showed me the direction I intended to change my life for.” BadNewsBandit sees himself as an ambitious artist who, because of his perseverance and work ethic, has more recently inspired and motivated others. Others look up to him.

BadNewsBandit’s passion for creating his songs have pushed his drive and work ethic. He stays focused, honed, and disciplined in his work. “Be patient , things will always end up going how they should no matter what. Stay focused and keep amazing people around you.” BadNewsBandit makes an impact in the industry.

Artist, BadNewsBandit, Has A Big Project Dropping

The emphasis of BadNewsBandit’s concentration is now on continuing to pursue his musical profession in order to build his already strong foundation even further than it is already. BadNewsBandit has his sights set on the prize.

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