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Musician, Lenolavish, Stays Dedicated To His Work

Musician, Lenolavish, Stays Dedicated To His Work


Jayleen Johnson, also known as ‘Lenolavish’ is a musician from the Jackson, Mississippi area, now residing in Dallas, Texas. Lenolavish built his music on his great skills and love for what he did. He works hard to get to the top and do well in everything he does now and in the future. He is driven at work by his desire to make a change not just in Texas but also in other parts of the country. Lenolavish talks about his work. “I’m currently working on my new tape that I’m dropping soon, I can’t wait to drop it on October 13th.”

 As an overall talented person, Lenolavish remains consistent and always has projects coming up. “What is inspiring me is the thrill to be better and wanting more for myself and my family.” The multi-creator based out of Texas aims to make a statement with his current and future projects. Lenolavish is known to be determined, humble, and creative and he has been positively inspiring others to become better. He leads by example, and has great precision and consistency as a multifaceted individual. “Keep Going and don’t give up. Fuck what anybody thinks.”

Lenolavish explained that the motivation came from seeing the success of his work and also not giving up. “The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is most definitely learning patience. Having patience takes you a long way.” Lenolavish has worked with many different people to reach different goals, and he has always done a good job. He works well with others and talks about people who have been important in his life. “The most influential people in my life is Ma dukes and Lil Wayne for sure!”

Lenolavish explains that this was a major motivation in his life and gives a piece of advice for others to take back. “Always stay prayed up and Keep going God got me through all obstacles.”

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