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Creative, MD2020, Is Consistent With His Grind

Creative, MD2020, Is Consistent With His Grind


Malachi Devough, also known as ‘MD2020’ is a decorated musical artist, wordsmith, and creative from Dallas, Texas. While building himself through his career in Dallas, Texas, MD2020 stays devoted and works hard on his craft. To become more serious and dedicated to his business, MD2020 only looks one direction, and that’s ahead. " I’m working on staying consistent with my creation as opposed to only creating in moments of hyper-inspiration. I just released an EP called The Doobie Tape. I chose that name because when it comes on it hits you hard, then it eases on down real steady as you get lower on the tracklist. Much like a doobie. This project highlights my versatility and I love showing people the more soulful side of me. If you like neo-soul and hip hop this project is the perfect blend for you.”  MD2020 is a well-rounded artist and creator who refuses to give up even when things don't go as planned.

MD2020 understands the importance of being faithful and steadfast on his journey and being able to stay focused through his endeavors. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, a large number of large-scale events, such as concerts and festivals, were prohibited in the year 2021 and 2022. This was due to the limits imposed by both the city and the federal government on the movement of people. Therefore, the number of opportunities for artists to demonstrate their abilities was drastically reduced. But MD2020 kept it consistent and moving all throughout and even now in 2023. “Life says so much to all of us. The world communicates in so many different ways and keeping that mindset inspires me to convey to others what’s being conveyed to me daily. I literally tell myself nothing matters. We, as humans, have core memories and some filler memories that we don’t think of until we’re reminded of them. Other than that we forget the majority of our lives. So when I realize that in this moment I’m most likely living in a forgotten memory, the stress fades.

As an artist, MD2020 is currently concentrating on expanding upon his already solid base for his business. Successful individuals make investments in themselves as well as in others who will assist them on their path to success. MD2020 has been aware of this and admits that his qualities of being genuine, spontaneous, and open minded. Always having bars as an artist and secret weapon, he is only getting better. “My music has a consistent message that I do whatever I want regardless of how anyone feels about it. This is because I understand that one day, not only will I die, but everyone that holds a memory of me will die too. When that happens none of the judgment they place on my actions is going to matter so why should it matter so much to me now? That’s the advice I want people to take from my music. Do whatever makes you happy and get away from around anyone that has a problem with it.”

Who are some influential people?

My family taught me the principles I stand on in life. However, musically, the choir at my church had the most influence on my style. If I had videos of my uncles, aunts, and cousins leading worship and singing hymns you could probably pinpoint certain vocalists that have themes that are also common in my music without me having to point them out to you. Growing up in church was one of the best things that happened to me artistically.

MD2020’s goal is to make people want to see more of him, which he has done already by putting in the hours of work and commitment. Both in front of and behind the scenes in the year 2023, he makes a difference in the business and music world. Even though MD2020 is devoted to perfecting the art of his fashion to the highest level, his hardships have made him want to do even better in his business as well. “Start up costs, low profit margins, low interaction. You name it, we went through it and still go through it sometimes. That withstanding, when you’re authentic with your craft people gravitate towards you. It’s inevitable.”

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