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Artist, SEEJAY, Has Been Making Moves In Dallas

Artist, SEEJAY, Has Been Making Moves In Dallas


SEEJAY is an artist born and raised in Dallas, Texas. SEEJAY has been producing high-quality music on a regular basis, which has allowed him to immediately make an impression in the industry. SEEJAY has his eyes set on realizing his ambitions, and the list of things he wants to do is constantly growing. “Right Now I'm working on upcoming music and I'm in the beginning stages of writing out visuals for my upcoming Album ‘LedBetter & Bonnieview’. I also have a performance at The Apollo On the 10th of November and you don't want to miss it! Dallas Comedian/Rapper T-Speed will be hosting it.” SEEJAY sees a promising future in his work and is thus working diligently on his new music. SEEJAY is the life of the party, no bad vibes, and is always one to support others.

He has a one-of-a-kind approach to producing music with anybody he teams up with. SEEJAY has maintained consistency in his musical performances and a relentless emphasis on his next endeavor. SEEJAY is highly regarded for the quality of his work since he strives for excellence in all aspects of his craft, has an admirable work ethic, and is deeply invested in the success of his endeavors. “Seeing me actually getting love and support from people whenever I perform and networking with new artists pushes me to stay on top of my A-Game! I want to be Great!”

Energetic, versatile, and competitive, SEEJAY has achieved his aim of making people want to see more of him. He influences the business and music industries in 2023 from both the spotlight and the shadows. SEEJAY has always been committed to elevating his fashion to new heights, but his struggles have inspired him to push himself musically as well. SEEJAY offers some inspiring words through his shortcomings. “You have to take calculated risks to become successful! In due time you will run into likeminded people who will push you further and get your business to where it can be seen! I overcame struggles by having a great work ethic! I started working early due to being less fortunate! We used to mow yards on the weekends and I had a job at Krogers at 15 for $5.15 an hour.”

Now that he has established a solid foundation, SEEJAY wants to devote his whole attention to expanding his music endeavors. He claims to have learnt from his hardships and is not weighed down by them. “Never Let People tell you that you’re not good enough, I got booed at my first show in high school! ‘It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish!’ And always Put out your best work! It may take a little bit longer than others but in the end you are building your own legacy and you only get one chance with limited supplies to make it happen!” SEEJAY is inspiring and focused on the end goal. “The most influential people in my life is God First and Foremost! My Family, Close Friends at school, Co-Workers, My Monday Night Show at The Chocolate Secrets on Oaklawn! The Community has been very accepting of me and supports everything I do!” In the work, he is motivated  at the thought of making a difference not just in his neighborhood, but also in the rest of the community. “Thank you FOCUSEDDD for all that you do and your patience to make this happen!”

#Focuseddd continues to emphasize the abilities and motivations of individuals who have a strong purpose for what they do, such as SEEJAY.

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