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Artist, Crunchy, Has Strong Motivations For His Career

Artist, Crunchy, Has Strong Motivations For His Career


Rashaun Robinson, also known as ‘Crunchy’ or ‘Shaun’ is a painter, producer, and clothing designer from Arlington, Texas. Crunchy has been producing high-quality work on a regular basis, which has allowed him to immediately make an impression in the industry. Crunchy has his eyes set on realizing his ambitions, and the list of things he wants to do is constantly growing. “Currently I'm working on releasing Men’s/Women’s underwear and socks this upcoming January. As well me and my friend/Creative Director, Sid (@sid.ggg), are Dj’ing under the name SCR34M.” Crunchy sees a promising future in his work and is thus working diligently on his new work.  Crunchy is the life of the scene wherever he is at, no bad vibes, and is always one to support others. “I’m working on an interview series starting with someone who’s also interviewed with you guys before, Slab Osiris (@slabosiris). Trying to really capture the underground scene all over the world in my own eye.  Music, Sports, Art, etc. We want to interview anyone who’s hardworking and passionate about what they do.”

He has a one-of-a-kind approach to producing work with anybody he teams up with. Crunchy has maintained consistency in his projects and a relentless emphasis on his next endeavor.  Crunchy is highly regarded for the quality of his work since he strives for excellence in all aspects of his craft, has an admirable work ethic, and is deeply invested in the success of his endeavors. “Everything is inspiring me right now.  I know that’s cliché (laughs) but everyday life is what fuels me. From the people I talk to or see on a regular basis to people I barely talk to inspire me all the same. As well as modern pop culture media and big corporate brands.  They inspire me to create something bigger than myself.”

Artist, Crunchy, Has Strong Motivations For His Career

One of a kind, easygoing, and hard working, Crunchy has achieved his aim of making people want to see more of him. He influences the business and music industries in 2023 from both the spotlight and the shadows.  Crunchy has always been committed to elevating his fashion to new heights, but his struggles have inspired him to push himself professionally as well.  Crunchy offers some inspiring words through his shortcomings. “Being headstrong and having a forward thinking mindset. Whatever happens to me I make sure I’m moving forward and not looking back. I’ve made a lot of big mistakes and being dedicated to not repeating those mistakes is what helps me move forward.”

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

Really understanding how to keep an audience engaged by using a mixture of professionalism while still being creative. When you come out with content you have to have to think about what type of audience you’re trying to attract. It’s something I’m still learning but getting better at.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

Too many to name so I’ll just keep it simple, God, My family, and Everyone else.

Now that he has established a solid foundation,  Crunchy wants to devote his whole attention to expanding his work endeavors. He claims to have learnt from his hardships and is not weighed down by them. “Experiment as much as you can and don’t be afraid to mess up. A lot of big names and companies are successful because they trust their creative instincts and aren’t afraid to try new things. When you try to do things too perfectly you don’t leave room for lessons to be learned.” Crunchy is inspiring and focused on the end goal. In the work, he is motivated by the thought of making a difference not just in his neighborhood, but also in the rest of the community.

#Focuseddd continues to emphasize the abilities and motivations of individuals who have a strong purpose for what they do, such as Crunchy.

Artist, Crunchy, Has Strong Motivations For His Career

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