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Known Artist, TrUth, Stays Motivated

Known Artist, TrUth, Stays Motivated


Shannon Newman, also known as ‘TrUth Speaks Volumes’ is an up and coming artist born in Washington DC and raised in PG County. She is a diligent individual with extensive experience in her projects and experience. TrUth has a strong propensity for originality, and she strives to establish a recognizable presence in both online and offline endeavors. She is always extremely dedicated to her task and in terms of her own qualities, she is creative, ambitious, and curious. She has been able to maintain a level of consistency and maintain a keen focus on her goals as a result of the collaborative efforts and personal grind. TrUth is well positioned for success. She describes the work she is currently engaged in, “Creatively, I am always working to step outside of my comfort zone and experiment more with my music. Whether that be switching up the type of beats by locking in with different producers, changing up the content in my songs, or collaborating with different artists. I am working to not put myself in a box or limit my creativity.”

TrUth is currently setting the benchmark and working hard to demonstrate her ability. TrUth outlines her present motivations. “I want to realize my actual potential. I want to see how far I can take this that way when I look back over my life, I have no regrets. I realize that I have a unique talent that inspires, motivates, and brings people together. I want my son to know that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough at it, and dreams do come true.” Her energy and persistence ensure that she is successful in whatever she sets her mind to accomplish. “I had to realize that self-validation is so important. People are finicky and moody, and I learned that I could not rely on the validation of others to make me confident in my art. Once I started validating myself and staying true to the music that felt like food to me, my catalog became that much stronger, and my audience began to grow. I also had to understand that some people would judge me by my appearance and decide if they liked me as an artist or not before they even heard a song. I make sure that I deliver high-quality, great music that can’t be denied, no matter what people’s initial judgements are, and I also changed my marketing strategy.”

Known Artist, TrUth, Stays Motivated

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

First, I want everyone to know that I dropped my debut album “It’s Time,” on all streaming platforms on July 31, 2023! People have called it a classic, masterpiece, and so on. If you like Drake or J. Cole, I believe this album is perfect to add to your library. I also have a music video dropping within the next two weeks for the title track off the album. In the meantime, I will keep putting out fire freestyles for folks to enjoy and am currently locking in with 3 different producers to create three separate projects. Stay Tuned!

TrUth is getting known in her field and a knowledgeable leader as well within her community. She is confident that her work will help her advance in her career and make a positive difference in the world. TrUth promises to learn and grow from every challenge she faces. As she wraps up the conversation, she reflects on one of the people who has had an impact on her life. “The most influential person in my life is my wife, Indiaya. She is the strongest person I know and is so sure of who she is. She motivates me to always be my authentic self and always strive to be a better version of myself. She is unapologetically her and it inspires me to be confident and go after everything I want.” Because of the commitment that TrUth has shown to her movement and to her loved ones, she will be able to make greater strides.

Known Artist, TrUth, Stays Motivated

TrUth will prevail because she never gives up. “Just do you. There are so many external pressures from your peers, the industry, social media, etc. that will try to encourage you to fit in a certain box or do the ‘hot’ thing. The biggest thing is to find that inner voice and listen to it. Do what feels good to you and don’t compromise your authenticity to catch a wave or ride a trend. Make your own wave!”

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