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Spanish Artist, El Arriaga, Shows His Diversity Through His Music

Spanish Artist, El Arriaga, Shows His Diversity Through His Music


Martin Salgado, also popularly known as ‘El Arriaga’ is a musical artist from Arlington, Texas. He grew up on the border side of Mexico in Juarez, Chihuahua. He moved back into Texas at an early age and he has been there ever since. The artist has a strong aspiration to achieve the highest level of success and is resolute in their pursuit of their goal. Through years of dedicated effort and establishing a strong reputation both locally and in his city and metroplex, El Arriaga persists in the music business and swiftly captivates his audience with his creative output.

Focused, determined, and creative, El Arriaga has a strong goal with his music: he wants to stay committed to his work while building a legacy. “Creatively I am a writer. I write raps in Spanish. One of my main projects I am working on right now is an album going by the title ‘M1llion’. Including songs like ‘Con mi gente’, ‘Horas’, ‘corriendo’ and more. Right now I am proud to say I was invited to perform January 13th for an event called ‘Latin nights’. This is an event for Latino artists to come out and have a platform to showcase their talent. I’d like to invite the reader to come and support any Latino artist to reach out to me, and I’ll do my best to get you in this new stage for Latinos.” El Arriaga is destined for greatness.

Spanish Artist, El Arriaga, Shows His Diversity Through His Music

While traveling far from home, failure is commonplace, but El Arriaga, a successful artist known for his determination, is not one to succumb to such circumstances. His working relationships are taken seriously by him. His ambition is to persevere in the face of adversity and utilize his musical talent to effect positive change. “Though sometimes times are tough and the sun is not always out, I always find inspiration within myself and in my surroundings. As I work on myself I find that when you keep God with you and you try to find his presence wherever you go, you’ll learn that he will show and give you everything you need in order to continue the correct path you’re made for.”

Give Three qualities that describe you:

I’m a very presentan person, when I find something that is for me I will work and fight for it through the adversity.

I’m supportive of people’s work, working with so many people you realize everyone is out here giving themselves up for an idea and all I can do is have respect for them.

Also I believe I am as solid as they come. These are some qualities about myself that keep me in line and make me responsible for myself.

Spanish Artist, El Arriaga, Shows His Diversity Through His Music

El Arriaga has been up and coming in his city and in others for a long time. The artist and creative, never gives up and is quite clear about his aims and ambitions, even through times of hardship. “As a business owner it’s a struggle to get up every day and push more than before even when there's so much adversity around you. If I had to give advice, it would be to be yourself. It'll help you figure out what is best for you and what you want for yourself. Sometimes we idolize an idea so much we can get lost between the emotions and motions of life, be strong and don’t let your surroundings influence the person you are unless you’re changing for the better.”  His goal is to keep moving ahead and to create something meaningful with his music. El Arriaga makes a difference in the music industry by putting in the hours of effort, enthusiasm, and motivation.

El Arriaga continues by saying that his love of music would always be his motivation in life. Honest sees himself as an ambitious artist who, because of his perseverance and work ethic, has more recently inspired and motivated others. Others look up to him.  El Arriaga's passion for creating his songs have pushed his drive and work ethic. He stays focused, honed, and disciplined in his work. El Arriaga makes an impact in the industry and leaves the interview with some advice for others. “In order to get where I am I did have to go through many struggles, I’m currently 21 years old and I want to become better than I have ever been. So my main struggle becomes keeping my self control in order to stay ‘on point’.  This will help me keep focus in order to stay prosperous.”

Spanish Artist, El Arriaga, Shows His Diversity Through His Music

The emphasis of El Arriaga's concentration is now on continuing to pursue his musical profession in order to build his already strong foundation even further than it is already. El Arriaga has his sights set on the prize. He ends with mentioning some people who have been an influence in his life. “Last but definitely not least the most influential people are my Mother and Father. Though they might not have had everything figured out 100% of the time , they always gave the best of themselves to keep achieving their goals. My mom and dad are divorced but neither of them have ever shown a sign of giving up.”

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