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BOONÈ - Simplicity is the Epitome of Elegance


Boonè, a luxury brand that was created by none other than, Damion Boone, an entrepreneur, business mogul, fashion and creative director. As a New York native Mr. Boone, Stated to us that coming up he always had a sense of style and a passion for intricate clothing pieces. Having no peers that shared his same passion in fashion. It was very hard for him to express his self being that he couldn't go to his friends and family for fabric, and clothing design advice. Because they didn't share the same fervent in fashion. Which prompted Mr. Boone to strive for even greater achievements. He has stated on a multiple platforms and to a numerous of sources that he envisioned this years ago.

The Brand "BOONÈ" is a reflection of his creativity and innovative thinking. He has told us that, he wants to mold the brand into one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Sure enough he is on the road to so. After speaking with Mr. Boone he informed us that he have a lot of collaborations in the works with some of the biggest name in the fashion industry such as AMIRI, Louis Vuitton, GUCCI and PRADA.


When asked "What makes your brand different from others" He went on to say "My brand is not only my legacy, but l want it to be a beacon for anyone who have the idea to start a brand and the power to uphold those dreams and aspirations you have on making yourself a bigger name.

Boonè’s Ultimate Mission

Their mission is to nurture a bold present and stylish future by expanding your wardrobe through a variety of highest-quality, fashionable, and luxurious ways destined to express your chic. This luxury brand strive to instill a sense of elegance and evoke eternal luxury allowing people of today to celebrate their beautiful fashion-loving spirit in high-end chic that they'll love for years to come.


For More Info:

Website: https://booneoffcial.com/

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