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Ferraredo (Chaque Fois): He releases a new catchy track!

Ferraredo (Chaque Fois): He releases a new catchy track!
Photo Credit: Instagram/@Ferraredo

Today in our article, we tell you about a new rising star in the music industry.

Ferraredo (18 years old) is usually known for his songs with touching lyrics and distinctive melodies such as “Chaque Fois” or “Demo (WIP)”, particularly the recently released new single (Chaque Fois) which looks very promising. Entitled “Deux Cœurs (The Big Bang Version)”, this title is, as he mentions on his Instagram account: “‘Two Hearts’ evokes the themes of love and the sensitivity of two soulmates who love to hate each other. It’s an ode to a romantic journey around the sweetness of hating each other”.

This piece marks a significant step forward in his career by evolving, particularly in his lyrics; certainly from a young age. Ferraredo has always been passionate about music and he lets us know it once again thanks to this single.

His songs often evoke his past experiences with a touch of nostalgia. This song addresses a different but still personal subject, love, which can be experienced in different ways and Ferraredo decided how he wanted to express it.

At just 18 years old, he has had a dazzling start to his career, with notable achievements in the industry, and promises to make another big splash with this new hit!

For a little biography: Ferraredo was born on February 17, 2006. He followed a fairly standard path until the day he had to leave school for medical reasons. It was there that he decided to devote himself fully to his music and to share it.

To be continued…

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