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Artist Isaac M releases his new epic single ‘Time Just Float Away’

Artist Isaac M releases his new epic single ‘Time Just Float Away’

Talent is a Nature-Gifted element and individuals are blessed with unique talent but many of them are born to shine in the arrays of several talents just like a prestigious diamond. Isaac M is a living example of that precious shining rock having a melodious voice handled by a super talented brain. He is a multi-talented artist who is a complete package of different varieties in one wrap.

As a diverse and unique artist, he has had numerous projects that have caught the eye of others. Isaac M remains consistent on his journey, and is constantly improving. Mostly known as open minded, intuitive, self aware with his work. He is such a kind of artist who can change the music industry by bringing a unique energy to his work.

Artist Isaac M releases his new epic single ‘Time Just Float Away’

Career Background

Isaac M started his career in Norfolk, Va where he was a part of a group called N-Focus, later he moved to California and began his solo career. With his first album Mystic Rose (Slow Spin), he is off to a great start. Later he started working on his first Gospel EP - God Loves You. Isaac M had to place the gospel album on hold for various reasons but he is determined to finish it. In his words, “thank you so much for your support. Thank you for buying, streaming, listing my music in your playlist and listening to my music. You are the reason that I am a success. I finished my Calming and relaxing music album, thank you for your support. I am still working on my EP Titled: God Loves You. Even though it is taking me a little bit longer than I expected to finish it shall be done. Thank you so much again for allowing my to be apart of your life by way of my music. You are awesome!”

Time Just Float Away

This is an excellently composed new song by Isaac M. This song just came out and it is already getting many plays. Isaac M has a few albums out already and he has been on tour a few times which includes traveling around the world. Performing in Australia, Virginia, California, and Texas just to name a few places.

Artist Isaac M releases his new epic single ‘Time Just Float Away’

Isaac M took a break and most thought that he was retired and was done with it but to everyone's surprise he came out with two new albums over the last four years and he has been active ever since. Once we were able to talk to him, we found out that he has been acting and producing a podcast called the JB&I Show. So, he has been active the whole time. Isaac M is doing so much and its happy to see him back. Acting, Singing, writing, and hosting. The stage is set for him to do extremely well in this most difficult (entertainment) industry. So, checkout Isaac M and his new release, Time Just Float Away.

Below are the some social platform links of Isaac M & his music:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/kYnG_MPctc0

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6GSYD4Hsv58ZlFZzHKYzvU

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/time-just-float-away-single/1755002043

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