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Bad Gyal - Clothes are the Tool that allows me to have the Attitude I want, it is the way to Express my Personality


Bad Gyal - Clothes are the Tool that allows me to have the Attitude I want, it is the way to Express my Personality

The queen of urban music, who debuted on the catwalk at the hands of Andrés Sardá, acknowledges that now she takes criticism more calmly and believes that "there is nothing more feminist than being able to choose what each one does with their body ".

In these five years of career, Alba Farelo, better known as Bad Gyal, has accumulated platinum records, has filled stadiums, and has signed with Interscope, the label of Selena Gómez or Lady Gaga. But her professional peak came last weekend, “because my grandmother came to see me at a concert,” she says, “for me, there is no greater happiness than having her support.

Is that, you imagine, when I started, telling my family, I don't know, that I was going to record a video in a thong. Imagine those family meals! Knowing that they are proud of me is the best thing I have ever achieved. I have other professional projects, but this is what makes me most excited ”.

As if he had not experienced enough strong emotions in the last week, he has just been the star of the first day of Madrid fashion week, opening and closing the Andrés Sardá show in his first foray as a model.

"Another experience. I've been nervous, but I've felt good, I don't think I'm wrong ”, she says from the dressing room after the show, still dressed in the lurex and patent leather garments with which she closed the show.

“The clothes have seemed incredible to me. I had seen the sketches, but when I saw all the models dressed I was amazed ”, he comments, referring to an imposing collection inspired by Japan, by geishas but also by their industrial and cyborg aesthetics., and in which there has been latex, neon, tulle and even an exhibition of pole dance.

It is not Bad Gyal's first foray into fashion. Last spring he launched a collaboration with Bershkabased on your personal style; free and excessive. "Clothes for me are the tool that allows me to have the attitude I want to have, it is the way to express my personality," she explains, moving her very long nails with gold inlays.

"Just as many people can't have a messy house, I can't leave the house badly dressed, for other things I'm super lazy, but not for this," she says.

Now he signs contracts with brands and thousands of young people copy his style, but five years ago, when he made a dent in the music industry recording in home studios, very few wanted to understand why he dressed the way he dressed “Oops, they fell on me from all sides . 

Of men and women. Why did I show my body and why did I make up? I am what I am and I do what I want with my body. There is nothing more feminist than being able to choose it ”, she opines.

It is surprising how Bad Gyal, aware of the media pull it generates, continues to speak naturally of the double standards of the music industry, a naturalness that goes beyond his lyrics, always sincere and without half measures: “when I started I was 'a slut'”, She says, “Imagine, I was 19 years old, I was still getting to know myself and at the same time I wanted to mark my thing, tell the world who I was.

It was a very strong stage because I did not understand many of the things that were criticizing me and, at the same time, as I am a very intense person, I felt that I had to answer and give my opinion all the time ”. Of course, the Catalan continues to generate controversy for doing what she wants to do and for not justifying herself for it. 

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