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From the Gym to the Office, This is How the Most Comfortable Trend of the Season is Dressed

From the Gym to the Office,  This is How the Most Comfortable Trend of the Season is Dressed

Working Leisure, the new OYSHO collection, combines the comfort of sportswear with the elegance of tailoring. A set of technical garments that adapt to each situation.

With the comfort of sportswear and the elegance of office tailoring. Working Leisure, the new OYSHO collection moves between these two scenarios to imagine a wardrobe of essentials capable of adapting to any situation. A versatile proposal that combines its characteristic athleisure garments with new free-time pieces to guarantee everyday comfort.

The fashion editor of the New York Times, Vanessa Friedman, was the first to notice the relevance would this mixed trend in his article " Behold, Work leisure " ( "Behold, Work leisure "), at a time when the meetings Zoom demanded a formal presence from the waist up and the eagerness to move revealed, off-camera, a comfortable wardrobe with a sporty air. It is an extremely interesting tango: costumes vs. quarantine hoodie, "replied designer Virgil Abloh. Time has shown that it is not a question of an opposing choice, but rather of seeking coherence between the two.

OYSHO finds the balance between both universes in its Working Leisure collection, bringing technical fabrics to formality and tailored cuts to sports aesthetics, to create comfortable and appetizing outfits that connect perfectly. Thus, the firm introduces totally new silhouettes, such as classic-cut blazers, poplin shirts, and down vests that, under the apparent formality, stand out for their high-tech and easy-iron fabrics.

The firm also reviews the codes of workwear, in its strictest sense, to complete its proposal with worker- aesthetic over shirts, functional windbreakers, and oversized sweatshirts. Comfortable and enveloping basics that make up an urban and different uniform, which transits from home to the gym, from the gym to the street.

A functional character that also defines the accessories proposal, with blunt-soled sneakers and padded maxi bags, in connection with the casual spirit of the season.

How do they get? To enhance their energetic character, OYSHO proposes to combine them with a wide selection of sports tops and leggings - both ankle and cyclist, according to the dictates of the catwalk - and wide pants that are characterized by a silicone waist that sculpts the body without restricting movement.

The novelty lies in the elegant seams and folds that run through some garments, bringing them closer to sartorial elegance without losing their athletic spirit.

The key that the Working Leisure collection works so well resides in the pillars that have always defined the character and philosophy of OYSHO, special care for materials, breathable and high-resistance fabrics are the protagonists of the proposal, with garments with UPF + 40 protection -, and a palette reduced to the minimum expression formed by black, ecru, beige and black–, which allows configuring this timeless and chameleonic wardrobe. From the gym to the office.

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