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Misty Blanco - A Musical Artist and Public Figure


Misty Blanco - A Musical Artist and Public Figure

Misty Blanco is currently releasing her new single called “Music Box”, scheduled to stream on all platforms February 6, 2022, this highly anticipated new genre of music Misty Blanco created called “Melodic Bop”, is set to be one of the best genres since trap music or hip-hop itself.                             

Misty Blanco - A Musical Artist and Public Figure

We remember Misty Blanco from hit reality show MTV Making The Band 2 with P Diddy when she first took our hearts away as Mysterious with the deep raspy voice known as the female Scarface as P Diddy calls her. Misty Blanco since her incredible appearance on the show competing through 75,000 contestants to the final 12 has become a power executive in the music business called “The Princess of Wall St.”.

As she continues to build her 4 million dollar management firm across America with her company being based out of 5 major states New York, Virginia, California, Florida & Michigan she also becomes her own network owner of her own channel called Misty TV on Roku with her Executive Vice President to her company Christina Jones, Vice President Ja Vonni Brustow, and Junior Vice President Rocky Morris Misty Blanco is definitely taking over the industry with her company The Misty TV Firm Corporation as she is quickly and profoundly being known as the new Television executive to seek since Mona Scott as she is proving her reality show “The Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour”, is truly a television success with musicians across the world from different genres since “Love & hip-hop”.                  

Misty Blanco - A Musical Artist and Public Figure

Although, Misty Blanco show isn't full of drama and negativity her show is very entertaining and worth a nice buttery batch of popcorn every time it airs on her channel Misty TV. The Misty TV Channel has been downloaded in 17 countries at 365,000,000 downloads Making her channel a 5 star channel listed with Starz & HBO. Misty Blanco is currently on a 8 state tour with her first successful show with Ceelo Green in Richmond VA at the club 63thirthy5 which is a well known club breaks a some of the most profound acts in the entertainment business.

Misty Blanco made magic on the stage as she introduces her new style of music "Melodic Bop” alongside her peer Ceelo Green on show night on her first show night of the “The Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour” on her birthday December, 12th. During Misty Blanco's tour she is discovering new acts listed as Lil Uddie, & Jamo from Baltimore and Supah Defari from Virginia. Misty Blanco is the new wave of music today in our era.

Photos by IG: @ayeyotina by @saltnlightmpc

Courtesy: The Misty TV Firm Corporation @themistytv

Inquiries for Misty Blanco: Call The Misty TV Firm Corporation (310)661-8247

Misty Blanco IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco

Email: themistytvfirm@yahoo.com                                             

Misty Blanco - A Musical Artist and Public Figure

You can reach Misty Blanco via the following social platforms:

Instagram: mysterious_mistyblanco

YouTube: Youtube Channel - Misty Blanco

Facebook: Facebook Page - Misty Blanco

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