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Bride Kehinde Daniel wore a Stunning and Beautiful Wedding Dress on her Wedding, which was Decorated with Flowers

Bride Kehinde Daniel wore a Stunning and Beautiful Wedding Dress on her Wedding, which was Decorated with Flowers

In this article, we will tell you about Kehinde's wedding dress, how she made a beautiful and charming wedding dress for her wedding. Kehinde is a digital creator and Kevin Adekoya is a project manager. Both were studying in the same school. Kehinde was 13 and Kevin was 14 years old, when they became friends. Kehinde said, "We've been together for 12 years and we grew up together, we've lived almost our whole lives together and now they're both 28 and 29 and living in London".

Kehinde and Kevin Adekoya Relationship

They both were in love when they were young. The two have been in love since childhood. The two have lived a quiet life since childhood and eventually got married. Kehinde wore her favorite gown at her wedding which she had specially designed by a top-rated designer. Her gown was very beautiful and decorated with flowers. A bride was dressed as usual and in a wedding dress, which was decorated with flowers. This dress looked very beautiful and attractive.

Kevin Proposed to Kehinde

Kehinde was on a trip with her friends to the Dominican Republic. Kevin decided to get married there and proposed to Kehinde. As Kevin proposed to her, Kehinde said she could not get married in the UK. she said "I like to travel, so I can't get married".

When their wedding planner La Jet Fete showed up at a private villa in Crete, Greece, Kehinde said it was the perfect place to get married. But Kevin Adeyoka canceled his marriage due to epidemics and got married a year later on July 20.

Kehinde and Kevin Adekoya Marriage

Kehinde told his insider that I am a special kind of person, I always know what I want in case of marriage. Kehinde said, "I want a long-sleeved gown for my own wedding". She wears a gown, which is made of floral embalming atop mesh fabric that looks very beautiful and attractive. She also said that it would not be found in shops in England.

Kehinde Beautiful Wedding Dress:

Kehinde wanted to dress like in her mind. She worked day and night to make it a reality and worked with a very famous designer, the founder of Alonuko. Together with this designer, she made a beautiful and elegant gown. When Kehinde wore this gown at her wedding, most of the people admire her. Everyone present at the wedding praised this gown. She said, "I like fashion, so I like to look good, I didn't have to compromise on my white dress on my wedding day, I just wanted my gown to cover my whole outfit".

While she and Kevin were taking photos on their wedding day, her gown flew away and disappeared, but Kevin soon found her gown. Kehinde felt a little bad about this incident but later avoided it and started enjoying her marriage again. Kehinde said that her dress made her confident and happy, this dress made her even more beautiful.

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