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Get to Know Gaberiel, a Natural Entertainer

Get to Know Gaberiel, a Natural Entertainer

Hey Gaberiel, Tell us About yourself:

As a natural entertainer, I come from beatboxing, pen-tapping on desks for classmates to freestyle on and being the class clown, as early as 4th grade. My music career officially started the day I pirated FL-Studio on my computer, and started producing beats for local artists. Once High-school arrived, I used my comedic value to create rap songs with hilarious lyrics, of which quickly spread around school, which was my first taste of fame and mass-entertaining.

Tell us About Your Music:

Later down the road, I pondered for some time on why the Rap Game lacked talent from white individuals. I came to the conclusion that, as a guest in the House of Hip-Hop, my talent could still shake the walls. This lead me to study my childhood influences, and even explore some modern artists that I had never paid respect to prior; including Ice Cube, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Ludacris, and modern artists such as J.Cole, Drake, and Jack Harlow. Ultimately, I decided to combine my natural comedian self, with my talent for structuring words, to create my own version of Rap. In conclusion, I maintain my goofy side with certain songs, yet I won’t hesitate to get lyrical and emotionally deep with songs that express my outlook on life.

What Stands Out About Your Music?

Not only will my music continue to surprise people, as it already has, my personality will continue to entertain. I plan to do shows, drop numerous singles and albums, and use the platform I create, to speak my mind without a filter. I’m not scared of the industry, the industry should be scared of me.

What Projects do you Have in Works?

Taking Care of Business:

The song that starts this album off, Taking Care of Business; in the shortest form of explanation, details Gaberiel cutting ties with the community that labeled him the underdog. Simultaneously, Gaberiel expresses extreme confidence in his own ability to best those around him, in style of course.

Producer Credits: Manny Manhattan, Self-Engineered and Self-Mixed by Gaberiel

They Been:

While somehow scaling back the aggressiveness of lyrical attacks on the community that labeled him an underdog, the instrumental increases aggressiveness in what is a perfect balance of humility and disrespect. Outlining the betrayal that Gaberiel feels from the community, while insisting that he was only trying to help in the first place (in a sort of, “Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You” fashion), the poem speaks for itself.

Producer Credits: Manny Manhattan, Co-Engineered and Co-Mixed by Doza and Gaberiel

All Her Friends Say:

Without over-explaining a simple “club banger”, Gaberiel and Doza collaborate yet again to show the music scene that they never fail to create pure ear candy. This track simply showcases Gaberiel and Doza’s ability and talent to remain simple, yet effective in music.

Producer Credits: Ouhboy, Co-Engineered and Co-Mixed by Doza and Gaberiel

Rhythm and Poetry:

Self labeled “the most Beautiful track i’ve made”, Rhythm and Poetry is Gaberiel’s way of conveying the point in his career at which he will feel successful, and fulfilled. The instrumental combined with the tonality of perfectly structured vocabulary, creates a work of art that truly follows the definition of Rap music and what Rap stands for; Rhythm and Poetry.

Producer Credits: Isaiah22, Self-Engineered by Gaberiel, Self-Mixed by Gaberiel

Mix and Match:

Honestly, just want the world to know that beautiful women from all across the rainbow, can get it.

Producer Credits: Donnie Katana, Self-Engineered and Self-Mixed by Gaberiel

Self Epiphany:

Without traversing unnecessarily deep into Gaberiel’s mind, this track provides some insight to how he views himself and the world he lives in.

Producer Credits: nathanspeiser & DudeClayy, Self-Engineered and Self-Mixed by Gaberiel

Yours Truly:

Gaberiel’s most self-conscious track. He highlights who he feels he is as a person, and dives deeper into some motives behind his music career. Funny enough, he feels this is the least performing track on the album, which follows the age old philosophy that; you are your own worst critique.

Producer Credits: flavrboy, Self-Engineered and Self-Mixed by Gaberiel

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