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RIT Alumna's Clothing Brand will Showcasing its Talent at New York Fashion Week

RIT Alumna's Clothing Brand will Showcasing its Talent at New York Fashion Week

RIT is an abbreviation of RIT Rochester institute of technology. This is a private research university. It is a university in Henrietta, New York.  Clasicas graduated from this university with a degree in fashion school and later created his own brand called Chrystel Anne Fashion brand. Also, this brand makes fashionable clothes for people and produces a variety of clothing designs. After a lifetime of interest in clothing design, the Chrystel Anne brand succeeded in making place in the New York fashion week.

Clasicas started selling face masks in 2020 and showed off her work at New York Fashion Week just over a year later. His work was so great that he made a name for himself. Now she is preparing to go back to this year's New York fashion week show by showing the design of different kinds of clothes together with his Engineer.

The interest of Clasicas in fashion was due to her aunt. It was her aunt who encouraged her to sew. Despite this interest, his family encouraged him to pursue a degree in sewing. After graduating, he chose business management at RIT in Dubai.

Clasicas Launched Fashion Brand

After studying business management, Clasicas felt like she is superior to other designers in the industry. She is working day and night to achieve this goal. Chrystel Anne Fashion brand offers ready-made garments and made each garment the right size. There is a sizing option on her website that allows customers to send their own accurate measurements for their clothing.

After just one year in the business, Chrystel Anne Fashion brand did a show at the famous New York fashion week in February 2019, in which she presented different designs. The Clasicas named these designs after Greek goddesses. Due to this, the brand got a lot of fame in the world of fashion and earned a good name.

RIT Alumna's Clothing Brand will Showcasing its Talent at New York Fashion Week

Chrystel Fashion Brand At New York Fashion Week Show

Chrystel Anne fashion brand will be showcasing its various clothing designs at the New York Fashion Week show this month. In this show, Clasicas will collaborate with Muiz Naeem, a former RIT engineering student, to add capabilities to their designs.

Classica had befriended many engineers at RIT, which is why her friend is working in her business today. As she says, it is important to bring fashion and engineering together in the world. At the upcoming New York Fashion Weak show, Clasicas will be showcasing lots of designs, which surely many people will love. Clasicas has been working hard to build its brand. The designs she has produced over the years have become very popular. With such rapid growth for their brand, Clasicas says she is determined to grow further.

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