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Selena Gomez - Interesting Facts About Her Life


Selena Gomez - Interesting Facts About Her Life

Selena Gomez is a famous American singer, actress, and producer. She was born in 1922 in Texas, USA. She became famous at a very young age. Gomez is named after the famous singer Selena Tejana. Selena Gomez started her career inspired by her mother's amateur actress because her mother had a passion for music so she started to become a singer inspired by her mother's passion.

Early Years of Gomez's Career

Gomez first became interested in building her career when she saw her mother appearing on stage productions. She started auditioning for various roles. Gomez first sought a role in the television series Barni and Friend and as a result, appeared regularly in the 2002 program. She auditioned for the Disney Channel after stepping on her big screen in a family movie spy kids, which eventually led to her appearing as a guest on the TV series The Sweet Life of Zik.

Gomez as an Actress

Along with her television career, Gomez has worked on many stories, such as Cinderella story, Prince Protection, The movie ‘Monte Carlo’. And in many of these stories, she has shown significant performance for which she has won many awards. In addition to such short stories, she has acted in many TV, movies, shows and has made a name for herself. Due to all these achievements, she has been nominated for Best Actress.

Selena Gomez - Interesting Facts About Her Life

Gomez Achievements as a Musician

Gomez has worked on a number of bands in addition to movies. These bands have become so popular that they reached Billboard's Top 10 Bands and were awarded the Gold Medalist Certificate by the American Recording Industry Association. She has sold over 7 million albums worldwide and won the 2017 Women of the Year award.

Worldwide Fan Following

She has a large fan base on social media and is one of the most followed musicians on Instagram. In addition to Gomez's other projects, she has worked with a number of charities and was appointed UNICEF Ambassador at the age of 17.

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