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Interview with Artist, Dulla Bey

Interview with  Artist, Dulla Bey

Dulla Bey is an artist and emcee from Lenape Territory now residing in Dallas, Texas  He is driven to improve his skills in the music industry every day. “I am working on the mastering my craft as an artist. Never give up, believe in self, never forget who you are and where you came from.”

By staying consistent, Dulla Bey keeps himself occupied in the industry. Being driven, hungry, and at peace with his work, Dulla Bey, a go-getter, only keeps expanding. He was just seen at a show in Dallas, Texas.

His objective is to keep it honest and make a name for himself with his work. “I just like to do music and enjoy my time nowadays. I’m here for a good time not a long time.” Dulla Bey mentions that his consistency and collaboration with others has helped him achieve great things. “Have a good time, and chase your goals. I really just enjoy doing what I love to do.”

In his subsequent remarks, Dulla Bey said that his love for business is steady and would always be a driving force in his life, and that crucial people in his life had a huge impact on his professional life. Diligent, philosophical, spiritual , Dulla Bey has always had a passion for his work and maintained focus. “I handle the bad time, which helps me keep a balance. Life inspires me.”

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are at now?

Handling the good times, the same way.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are at? 

Taking a leap of faith, and staying discipline.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

My Nation.

As  a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, some artists had considerable difficulties in 2021; varied laws established at the local and federal levels prevented many events with large crowds, including concerts and festivals, from taking place. As a result, the number of chances for artists to demonstrate their abilities was drastically curtailed as a result of this decision. The emphasis of the Dulla Bey’s concentration is now on continuing to pursue his art and business profession in order to build his already strong foundation even further than it is already. Dulla Bey has his sights set on the prize and realizes that in order to be successful, one must not only invest in oneself, but also in those who will invest in you in exchange for their efforts on his behalf. In the audience, he is motivated at the thought of making a difference not just in his endeavors, but also in the rest of the community.

Although Dulla Bey is totally focused on mastering the art of his job, his hardships have inspired him to strive for even greater achievement and his love for his family motivates him daily and gave him humble beginnings.

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